Having a Ball

Senior receiver Carlos Francis is one of the leaders for the Red Raider offense. Whether he's joking with the rest of the offense or talking trash to the defense, Francis is always having fun. Underneath the fun-loving exterior is one of the toughest football players in the nation.

Carlos Francis has enjoyed spring practice. "I had a ball; I mean I had fun this spring" said Francis. Even though he had fun, Francis was focused on getting ready for the upcoming season. Francis says he needed to "try to tune up everything that has been taught to me over the last four years and try to get ready for the year." Francis already knows what it's going to take to win the Big Twelve Championship. "Win every game. You got to win every game," said Francis. "You got to win the key games, the away games, the home games."

This coming season brings a changing of the guard at the quarterback position. While some people question the ability of B.J. Symons to take over the offense, Francis isn't worried at all. "He knows what he's doing", said Francis. "He's no different from Kliff, besides he's ready to step up to the plate and make some plays." The biggest difference is Symons' ability to throw the deep ball. "He might take a chance or two a little deeper downfield, but I'm an outside receiver so I love that," said Francis. "He's going to make an educated guess about it, he's not going to just throw the ball up."

Even with the offense playing well, Francis knows that the defense has to improve if the Red Raiders are going to compete for the Big Twelve title. After facing the Texas Tech defense throughout spring practice Francis gave them a passing grade. "Our defensive guys are great. The coach came in here and put in a great package for them," said Francis. "They put in a lot of man, they put in a lot of blitzes." Francis is encouraged by the potential of the Red Raiders' defense. "If they give us problems then that's good, because we've got the best offense in the nation," said Francis. "That's always a positive thing, but they can't hang with us though, let's get that straight."

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