Inside the Lane with Andy Ellis

Former Texas Tech basketball player Andy Ellis gives his take on the hiring of Billy Gillispie as Texas Tech men's basketball head coach

After taking some time to really soak it in, it seems that both the Texas Tech men's basketball program and Billy Clyde Gillispie have hit the proverbial home run with this hire. On paper for both parties, this situation just works. And here's why.

BCG is a down-home, West Texas native, as many witnessed during the public press conference on Wednesday at United Spirit Arena. He is truly a straight-from-the-cuff, always honest and friendly individual — traits we West Texans are proud to hang our hat on. Additionally, he's hard working, and family and goal-oriented. So BCG has found a perfect fit at Texas Tech University.

With that said, TTU is ridiculously fortunate to land such a proven, award-winning coach. BCG's positive coaching traits are innumerable, so let's take a second to list a few of them out. This is by no means an exhaustive list:

— Billy is not just a good recruiter; he's one of the best in the country. And the fact that he's had two years of solid recruiting since his last coaching gig will obviously benefit Tech's future scholarship classes. Our current level of recruiting has improved, but it's obvious that it can be taken to the next level.

— Billy is a friendly guy, and don't discount how beneficial this can be for a struggling program. He's going to be out in the public, shaking hands and kissing babies. So people like this guy, and hopefully that's going to translate into a rocking USA. Our city will want to support a likeable person.

— Bottom line, Billy's a winner. A defensive-minded coach, his teams historically are tough and physical. The mindset he instills in his players has allowed him to turn around both the UTEP and the TAMU programs quickly. Additionally, he's 3-time conference coach of the year.

So to wrap this up in a nice little package, both TTU and BCG come out as winners in this situation. Tech WILL see resurgence in our program, and Gillispie will prove yet again that he's more than capable of turning a struggling program into a perennial NCAA tournament contender.

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