RP.com Q&A: Toddrick Gotcher

RaiderPower.com caught up with Lakeview Centennial HS Senior Toddrick Gotcher about his visit with Texas Tech coach Billy Gillispie and what he is working on over the offseason before heading to Lubbock.

RP.com: So what's the latest with you? What kind of stuff are you doing in the offseason to get ready for your first season as a Red Raider?

TG: "I've mainly been working on a lot of my point guard skills, more importantly because that's something coach Billy Gillispie told me when we visited. He wants to make me a big point guard. Also working on my defense a bunch and my jump shot off the dribble."

RP.com: How was your visit with him?

TG: "It was great. We talked about his background and his style of coaching. We just bonded right away. He's a hard worker and he wants me to keep working harder. I can't wait to get there."

RP.com: You mentioned him wanting you to keep working on the point guard skills, what other things are you working on and what else do you feel comfortable about as far as your current game heading into Texas Tech?

TG: "He told me to work on my threes a little bit more and to practice NBA-style threes to get better, how to get my shot off quicker and more accurate. He's got a drill he taught me to help me improve my off the dribble skills and my shooting. I'm working a lot on my quickness, but some of the strengths he said I have is my ability to bully the smaller guards on defense and hit my jump shot. But I'm just going to keep working on my quickness to try and take inside more to the rim so I'm more of a dual threat."

RP.com: What was the vibe that you got from him and what kind of person is he?

TG: "He's a great guy. We've got the same ideas as far as goals and how we want to make this team better. We want a Big 12 championship. That's the bottom line. I really honestly think after talking to him about this team and who will be there that we are going to have a good season this year."

RP.com: What's the philosophy behind this team and what exactly are we going to see out there?

TG: "He wants to get bigger. That was the first thing. That's why he went out and got the two (Tyler) junior college players. We've got to have guys like that who can play more physical. He told me, ‘Just run the offense and we'll be fine.'"

RP.com: So when you heading this way?

TG: "Not sure right now. Coach Gillispie and I are going to talk near the end of the school year and decide. But I can't wait to get there."

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