Texas Tech Q&A: Trey Keenan

RaiderPower.com's Travis Cram sits down with the newest Texas Tech commit and learned how close this talented offensive lineman came to maybe never playing football again three years ago.

What was the process like and why was Texas Tech such a good fit for you?

Tech was the first school to offer me a ride, dating all the way back to last year during the first week of the 2010 summer. They kind of invested in me before anyone else did and I really always valued that. I've always kind of considered myself a Tech fan. No one in my family has ever gone there or anything but I always wanted to be Texas Tech on the video games and things like that. But I just felt at home out there. I've always been a boots and blue jeans type of guy and there's no better place than West Texas for that. I'd like to get involved in wildlife management and they have a good school for my major plus there's a need for offensive linemen, so it just made sense.

Where else did you visit and who else offered you a scholarship?

I ended up visiting Texas Tech, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Michigan, Oklahoma and Texas. UT did not offer and OU was going to make me commit on the spot so they didn't offer me one officially. Everyone else made an offer, among others.

Who was the main person that recruited you for Texas Tech?

Sonny Cumbie

How did your relationship with him develop over the last year?

We have a lot of stuff in common. He's a small-town guy and we actually played his team when he was there back then. He's just a lot like me. He's a big Texas country music guy and we were always able to talk about that on the phone with me. He was a guy I could really relate to and had a lot in common with.

What have you been able to talk about with coach Tuberville or offensive line coach Matt Moore and how you might fit in?

They talked to me about the shortage of offensive linemen and how they have a big need for tackles right now. They are really looking to keep changing the type of linemen they have and that's going away from the bigger, heavier-set guys and switching to the more athletic and mobile guys, which is kind of the trend in college football right now. I felt like I could really fit in there with that type of persona.

Talk a little more about being more athletic. You play several sports, including basketball and track. How does that help in your development as an athlete?

Track and field is great because it gives me another way to train in the offseason, being in the weight room, learning other techniques and workouts. A lot of track, as far as shot-put and discuss is that explosive lifting and having that raw athleticism so I think that has a big benefit.

I take you for more of a big forward or center in basketball.

Yeah I don't take that big outside shot. If it's outside the paint, I don't go out there. I can just stay close to the paint and do my quick two-step dunk. I wouldn't be asking me to take the ball down the court or anything.

So what are some of the other things on and off the field that makes Trey Keenan stand out?

As a football player, I'm really proud of how versatile I am. I run sprints with our JV relay team and I was actually the alternate for the varsity sprint relay team when we went to regionals for track. It helps me stand out as being a faster, more athletic lineman. I used to be a big-time hockey player here. A while back, when I was 15, I was actually ranked as one of the top 100 prospects in the world and was drafted by a WHL (Western Hockey League) team in Seattle. They had the contract all laid out to where I would have moved to Seattle and played there for the Thunderbirds when I was only a high school freshman. But I ended up saying no and decided to play football instead, which is how I ended up where I am now.

My dad's a CPA and accountant so his values kind of transferred over to me when it comes to working hard in the classroom. I don't have a 4.0 GPA or anything, but I do put a lot of time into working hard in the classroom. I want to major in Wildlife and Forestry Management and maybe be a game warden one day or run a hunting ranch with more exotic game to it. I think that would be a lot of fun and a good business.

What kind of hunting or other hobbies do you like?

I do a lot of target shooting and I like bow hunting. Favorite thing would have to be the hogs out here in Texas – they're plentiful so there are always lots of them to shoot. You're allowed to shoot year round with them. I'm not a big bird hunter but I do enjoy hunting deer. I've shot ducks and quail before but I'm not as big on them because its always during football season so its hard to be able to get out and do it.

How big are you right now?

6-foot-6 and about 270 pounds.

Did they give you a target weight for next season or do you have one in my mind?

They weren't real specific about that when we talked. I'm sure I will put on the usual 20 pounds like the last couple of seasons. So about 285 or 290 will be my size by this time next year I'm sure.

Were you happy to get this said and done before your senior season began?

Yeah and to be honest, the decision has been made for quite some time in my mind. I wanted to make sure I got out and had a chance to see other universities to make sure this is where I fit in best.

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