The Wonderful World of Big 12 Media Days

Longhorns, Aggies and Networks - Oh my! How will this Big 12 Media Days session go and with just 10 teams to cover in two days?

If its one thing I've learned over the years about conference media days, its that you can always expect a good storyline.

Today's first day of the Big 12 Media Days will be nothing short of that as well, as plenty of hot topics surround the meetings leading into the final month of preparation for the 2011 season.

But what's going to be the hottest topic? Is it the skeptics surrounding the launch of the Longhorn Network later in August? The secret meeting by the Texas A&M Board of Regents and now the rumblings of a possible inquiry to how the Aggies could benefit in the Southeastern Conference? Or is it the new nine-team schedule and how each team will attempt to make it through the round robin this season?

The latter would actually be more fun to talk about, in my most humble opinion, but unfortunately, it looks as if the other two will keep grabbing all the attention.

It was just one week ago that everyone began to pick up on the fact that maybe there might be something fishy about a NCAA school-owned network broadcasting high school football games across the country. Mainly, A&M took a big interest in the subject and decided a special line item called "Big 12 Conference" should be added to the agenda for the board of regents. While speculation began on whether or not the Aggies were contemplating a jumping ship scenario, it turned out the regents were just hoping to find a little bit of clarification from the NCAA and hoping it would look into the matter.

Turns out, papa Beebe also wanted some clarification – many just wondered why he wasn't the first to come out and say anything.

But now the latest reports say that maybe the Aggies are doing some research of their own. Two sources close to the situation suggested that top A&M officials would like to know just how much they might be able to benefit should they become members of the mighty SEC. In other words, it wants to know why the SEC TV contracts are such a sweeter deal compared to the Texas-leaned Big 12 contracts.

Both sources have indicated that there is no move to make a done deal any time soon but the animosity over the current TV contracts and Longhorn Network are more than simply bad feelings.

Should make for an interesting day.

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