Yeager Bombs: Texas Tech Practice No. 2's Joe Yeager gives you his takeaways from Day 2 of Texas Tech training camp.

Crisco Kids: The stock market is not the only thing dropping. Tech's receivers and backs put a great many balls on the turf today. Perhaps the temperatures, which were in the 101-104 range, hampered concentration, but regardless the results were not pretty.

Marcus Kennard dropped a pair of passes, so did Adam James. Sean Corker dropped four passes including two beauties from Seth Doege in team drills. Freshman running back Kenny Williams dropped two balls, including a simple shovel pass. If he cannot catch the ball he cannot play in this offense as a freshman. Tramain Swindall dropped two passes. Derek Edwards and Tyson Williams dropped only one pass each, making them two of the more impressive receivers this afternoon.

Quarterback Report: Although he was far from perfect, Seth Doege is clearly in command of the quarterback position. He looked very confident, and his short and intermediate passes were crisp and sharp. Doege was spottier on the deep stuff, but did demonstrate that he has the arm to get the ball as far down the field as you'll need it. Indeed when he missed deep it was because he overshot receivers.

The second most impressive quarterback was Scotty Young. He wasn't spectacular, but he didn't make any mistakes either.

Jacob Karam was inaccurate and Michael Brewer lofted up a bevy of wobblers and floaters.

O-Line Rotation: This is not a shocking revelation, but LaAdrian Waddle currently runs first at left tackle, while Terry McDaniel is backing up Deveric Gallington at right guard.

Dragging a Load: A new drill for Red Raider backs in receivers requires them to run approximately 20 yards, cutting at the blast of a whistle, while dragging a 10-pound weight. I'm sure that one will quickly become a favorite among the players.

Quickest of the Quick: On a day like today, the less said about flannel the better. That said, senior strong safety Jared Flannel looked pretty sharp. In one particular drill, Chad Glasgow motioned with a football forward, backward and laterally indicating pass, run and direction. The defensive backs, chopping their feet, had to move in the proper direction while calling out "Pass!" or "Run!" as warranted. Flannel showed tremendous quickness, reaction and change of direction in this drill. Junior Osunde, on the other hand, fell behind in his rep.

West Texas Connection: Seth Doege hit Bradley Marquez with a beautiful deep ball in skeleton drills. At this point Marquez looks like he definitely belongs on the field.

Making Gaines: Freshman cornerback J. J. Gaines had one of the better defensive plays of the afternoon, breaking up a pass intended for Derek Edwards in skeleton drills. Gaines showed excellent technique, sweeping the ball away with his fore hand while avoiding the contact that would have drawn an interference call.

Ward Rising: The best looking receiver on the field was Eric Ward. He didn't drop any passes and made a pair of special sideline grabs in team drills, one of which demonstrated a Lyle Leong-level vertical leap.

Issues at Strong Linebacker: Neither Daniel Cobb nor Zach Winbush, the number one and number two strongside linebackers respectively, covered themselves in glory. Chad Glasgow and other coaches repeatedly blasted them for lack of effort and quitting on plays. Taking plays off, incidentally, was a bugaboo for Cobb during the spring too.

A Pair of Freshman Defenders: Safety Pete Robinson looked completely lost out there; linebacker Justin Cooper made a couple of nice plays and looked pretty good.

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