Rockin' The Jones

Jones AT&T Stadium on Saturday was loud and blacked out, players and coaches react to the atmosphere that was created.

Silence, almost a peaceful serenity falls over it the days and hours leading up to the moment people wait for all week long – kickoff.

When the gates finally open, it begins, the atmosphere is created that opponents fear, 58,416 fans roaring and trying to get them off their game every chance they get.

Despite the final installment of the Texas A&M and Texas Tech rivalry coming on a weekend where some students headed home because of Fall Break, a solid crowd was on hand to take it all in.

First the students that spent all week out at Raiderville getting revved up for the game, entered the stadium before everyone else dressed, draped and painted in black.
"The crowd was excellent, we had a lot of enthusiasm," Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville said. "It was great to see that many people here dressed in black and cheering us on. Because that's a huge part of it, now it's time to do it again., same time, same place next Saturday."

The first official Blackout game in the Tommy Tuberville era lived up to the hype and much more as Jones AT&T Stadium was rocking from kickoff till the final seconds on the clock ticked away.

Almost every fan that made up the 58,416 in attendance, which was the third largest crowd in school history, stayed and made their presence felt until the very end when Texas Tech's on-side kick failed with 31 seconds left in the game and trailing just by five.

With the large crowd came a lot of noise, which caused problems for Texas A&M's high-octane offense at times forcing starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill to take timeouts or cause false starts and sending the Aggies backwards.

For the defense having that kind of noise gets them pumped up, D.J. Johnson said, and the atmosphere was electric.

"Oh man, the crowd was exciting man," he said. "Every time you looked to the crowd sideline or something like that and just looked at the crowd and then once the timeouts or whatever start to get away, you just hear the crowd roaring.

"That was exciting. "

Not only was the crowd getting into the heads of the Aggies, but also when Eric Stephens went down with his injury in the third quarter a chant started ringing throughout the stadium.

No it wasn't a Raider Power, or boos towards the visiting Aggies, but rather a chant of support – Eric Stephens name.

As Stephens was being carted off the field giving the Guns Up to the fans, they chanted his name supporting the junior running back in a tough time.

Having the crowd support the team in all aspects of the game like that was awesome Tech wide receiver Alex Torres, who finished the game with a team-leading eight catches and 111 yards receiving, said and the players appreciate it.
"The crowd was great today," he said. "From before we even got out here to warm ups we heard them chanting, they got us excited … To show that kind of support when one of ours goes down like that, that's big.

"It means a lot that they care so much about us as well."

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