Week 7: Staff Pick'Em

The RaiderPower.com staff picks their winners in some of colleges biggest matchups this weekend.

A new addition to RaiderPower.com will be our weekly college football picks.

Ten games will be selected every week and the guys have the chance to pick who they expect to walk away with a victory.

So here is the first batch of pick'em by the RaiderPower.com staff! Enjoy.


This weeks games


            Matchups                              Yeager                 Baucum                Koch

Texas A&M vs.  Baylor                     Texas A&M               Baylor                Baylor

Texas vs. Oklahoma State             Oklahoma State          OkState              OKState

Michigan vs. Michigan State             Michigan             Michigan St           Michigan

Alabama vs. Ole Miss                        Alabama                Alabama              Bama

Auburn vs. Florida                            Florida                   Auburn                Auburn

Oregon vs. Arizona State                  Oregon                  Oregon                Oregon

Oklahoma vs. Kansas                        Oklahoma             Oklahoma             OU

Missouri vs. Iowa State                     Missouri                 Mizzou                Mizzou

LSU vs. Tennessee                             LSU                           LSU                   LSU

Texas Tech vs. Kansas State            Texas Tech               Tech                  Tech

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