New Direction

Tech basketball practice is in full swing now with the season looming just two weeks away.

The basketball season is only two weeks away and Robert Lewandowski already looks like he has taken a few shots from one of the many imposing Big 12 forwards.
But the many bruises on his arms are just one indication of the new direction of this Billy Gillispie coached team, and the physicality he is implementing.
"It's getting everybody better," Lewandowski said, "as many bruises as I have, I hope I've inflicted that many."
The Big 12 sent 5 teams to the NCAA tournament last year and 3 to the NIT setting the league up for yet another highly competitive year.
Lewandowski said he knows how tough the Big 12 can be and the team needs to simulate that in practice.
He and sophomore Jaye Crockett said with the hiring of Coach Gillispie, the entire attitude of the team has changed as well as their work ethic.
"I kind of would take plays off my other years playing in life," Crockett said, "but Coach G here; he just taught me how important working hard is."
Tech only has three returners from last year's 13-19 team, so they will have to work hard if they expect to compete in the deep Big 12 Conference.
But if there is anyone who can take a team coming off of a poor season and get good results quickly, it is Billy Gillispie.
In his first year as a head coach, his team at the University of Texas El Paso went 6-24. The next year, he took the team to its first conference title in 12 years, a 24-8 record, and an NCAA tournament bid.
Soon after that, he took over the coaching job at Texas A&M. The year before he arrived, the team in which the Aggie Swish was named after had a 7-21 record. In his first year, he took them to a 21-10 record and an NIT tournament bid
Coach Gillispie called those projects impossible. He said it is tough right now at Texas Tech, but Tech is in a much better situation than the other schools.
"Every school has so many positives, and Texas Tech, I think has more positives than anyone," he said, "as far as when you look across the board, as far as they've had a great deal of basketball success here."
He said Tech's program does present unique challenges, as does every major program; he just doesn't know what they are yet.
And those challenges will be beginning on November 3rd when Tech opens its preseason here in Lubbock against Southwestern Oklahoma.
The players and Coach Gillispie both said they hope their summer and practices will pay off, but they don't know when it will start to show results.
Gillispie said the initial results are going to be brutal and the players are going to make mistakes, but with time, changes are going to be seen and they will be for the better.
"When you have all the things we are going to have in our pocket as far as toughness, caring about each other, chemistry, all these intangibles that we're developing, and have been developing since day one," he said, "when you have those in place, and you start to understand how to play the game technically, then I think you're going to see something pretty special."

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