Avoiding the Letdown

Following a big win there is always the danger of a letdown, how does Tech avoid this.

Any time a program records what is regarded, both by media and university officials, as an historic win, a letdown typically follows in the next game.

However, there are myriad reasons why the 2011 Red Raiders will defy conventional wisdom regarding such a melancholy idea.

From Tommy Tuberville and staff, descending to the grittiest scout team players, Texas Tech will not suffer a precipitous fall after such a landmark road victory.

First and foremost among the reasons why this team will avoid the letdown is confidence. 

The offense did not turn the ball over and the defense caused two of their own. Now the team knows it can hang with the best in college football.

"I think we had confidence even regardless of the two losses," Texas Tech quarterback Seth Doege said during Monday's Media Luncheon. "We felt like we were a pretty good football team. We just had to put it together and really take advantage of the opportunities to win the game, which we did against Oklahoma."
The next key factor in keeping the positive momentum is memory.

Several of 2011's standout players saw action or at least traveled to Ames, Iowa where Tech suffered a 52-38 loss.

With the memories of that loss still in the back of their minds, Doege said the team will just have to come out ready to go because of what happened last year.

"It was weird, because we got down so bad early, and then we fought back," he said. "It felt like we were coming back, about to win the game and then things go sour. We still have that taste in the back of our mouths, so it's just one of those things.

"We're motivated because we know exactly what they can do to us if we're not ready to play."

Finally, the number one factor in not coming out flat after a big win is focusing on the next opponent and understanding there's a target on your back.

With Tech finally ranked and Iowa State seeking its first conference win of the season on Saturday, Doege knows mistakes cannot be made against a team like this, especially one with nothing to lose like the Cyclones.

"I think they're pretty similar to like Kansas State," he said. "They're very sound in what they do. They don't do a whole lot, but what they do, they're really good at. It's one of those games where the margin of error is very small. We can't shoot ourselves in the foot because they'll take advantage of it."

The intrigue of this matchup is perhaps more multifaceted than the casual glance reveals.

First, Iowa State won last year, additionally, Texas Tech is ranked for the first time in 2011 and will have a target on its back.

Finally, Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads was the defensive coordinator for Tommy Tuberville in 2008 at Auburn.
One thing is for sure; Saturday's 6 pm matchup at Jones Stadium will be an exciting contest.

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