Report Card: Longhorns 52 Red Raiders 20

Grades are in for Texas Tech's performance against the Longhorns on Saturday.

Quarterback: Seth Doege bounced back well from a terrible outing last week against Iowa State. He threw a few near picks early, but after that was close to laser sharp. Doege, because he held onto the ball far too long, shares some of the blame for the four sacks he suffered, but it is not his fault that the offense scored only twenty points. Credit the Texas defense and blame the Tech offensive line for that.


Grade: B


Running Backs: DeAndre Washington, Aaron Crawford and Kenny Williams rushed 22 times for only 47 yards, but played better than those numbers would suggest. All three ran hard, and Williams was quite effective running the wildcat. He ran with real power and picked up a few tough first downs. Washington, despite his diminutive stature, stepped up and blocked some people in pass protection.


Grade: C+


Receivers: This group did everything they could to prevent the Red Raiders from being humiliated two weeks in a row. Unfortunately, it was nowhere near enough. Alex Torres played his customary gritty game, Adam James was a real thorn in the Longhorns' hide, Eric Ward led Tech with eight receptions, and Darrin Moore resembled the player who led the nation in receiving so many moons ago. Tech's receivers blocked the bubble screen better than at any time this season, and they didn't drop a pass.


Grade: A-


Offensive Line: Pass protection was average at best. As noted above, Doege takes the blame for two or three of Texas' four sacks, but the Longhorns still got too much pressure on the quarterback. LaAdrian Waddle had trouble with Jackson Jeffcoat, while Longhorn defensive linemen also beat Terry McDaniel, Justin Keown and Deveric Gallington on occasion. Run blocking was nonexistent and it is a testament to Tech's running backs that they got as much yardage as they did. But most harmful of all was a plethora of stupid, drive-killing penalties committed by the line. Keown was especially guilty on this front.


Grade: D


Defensive Line: The Longhorns abused the entire Red Raider defense, and the abuse started up front. Texas running backs used Donald Langley and Kerry Hyder as doormats all game long. And the Longhorns' ability to run at will up the gut totally neutralized the one strength of the Red Raider defense—the defensive ends. 


Grade: F


Linebackers: What linebackers? When they weren't hopelessly out of position, Cqulin Hubert and Daniel Cobb completely whiffed on tackles. This may be the bleakest position on the entire team and that's saying a mouthful.


Grade: F


Secondary: You would think that since the Horns threw the ball only nine times the Tech defensive backs would not have contributed to the defensive misery. How wrong you would be! Longhorn receivers burned the feckless Tech secondary for 156 yards on only five receptions. But even more disgusting was the abysmal tackling from this group. Red Raider defensive backs often seemed to intentionally avoid making tackles. In all honesty this looked like a high school rather than an FBS secondary.


Grade: F


Special Teams: Donnie Carona for team MVP? Hey, why not? He nailed a pair of field goals, including one from 40 yards, and his kickoffs were money. Ryan Erxleben punted very well, although the coverage unit did allow one fairly long return. DeAndre Washington and Austin Zouzalik are not a patch on the injured Ben McRoy when it comes to kickoff returns. Dangerous Longhorn return man Fozwhitt Whitaker did not harm the Red Raider cause.


Grade: B+

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