Tuberville Happy At Texas Tech

Tommy Tuberville was asked about the Ole Miss coaching opening during Wednesday's media availability.

Houston Nutt out as head coach of Ole Miss, Tommy Tuberville in?

With the announcement earlier this week of Nutt not returning at the end of this season as the Ole Miss head coach, the question would eventually come up to Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville.

Has anyone from Ole Miss contacted you?

Jokingly Tuberville, who was the head coach at Ole Miss from 1995-98 before taking the job at Auburn, answered the question saying no contact had been made.

"No, I've been there, done that," Tuberville said about the possibility of him returning to Ole Miss. "I'm happy here, this is a good place.

"We're making a little headway; it doesn't look like it sometimes, but I'm excited about the future."

When it comes down to the coaching search though, which most likely will begin immediately, Tuberville said if they did call he would help them out because of his knowledge of the position.

"If they called me I'd help them," he said. "I know a lot about that job, I know a lot about what it takes to win there. When you spend some time in an area, you know the type of coach they need … They'll get a good coach."

Tuberville tries to get his 14th career victory at the helm of the Red Raider football program on Saturday and make Tech bowl eligible for the 19th consecutive season – which ranks fourth among all active streaks.

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