Learning From the Past

Texas Tech might have to look back to earlier in the season to recreate that kind of offense again.

For the first seven games of the season, the Red Raiders looked like a team that could at least compete in the Big 12 Conference, especially after their huge road win against the Sooners in Norman.

That is the game now that everyone looks at as the highlight of the season, considering since then the Red Raider offense has scored a total of 27 points while opponents have gone for an astounding 159 points.

That kind of collapse is almost unexplainable, Texas Tech starting quarterback Seth Doege said during Monday's Media Luncheon, and they have to figure out what has happened since the Oklahoma game, and quick.

"We're still trying to figure that out ourselves. That's what we're trying to get back to. We feel like we're the same team. It's just one of those things. In Iowa State, we kind of weren't ready to play," he said. "Then Texas, offensively, we played pretty well, and then defensively we had some work to do, and Oklahoma State was both sides of the ball really didn't take care of business.
"We're trying to figure that out because we feel like we're a good team, and we feel like we can get back to that team that beat Oklahoma, and have a really good chance of winning these next two games."

A loss for words and explanation has been the norm for the past three weeks after not only tough, but also downright embarrassing losses.

For the first time since 1984 the Red Raiders failed to win a conference game at home, and this weekends loss was the most points allowed at Jones AT&T Stadium.

It has also not just been the tough losses, but what seems to be the lackadaisical play as an offense that was averaging 43 points per game, and was rarely stalling out.

But in the first few drives of Saturday's game, the offense went a couple of yards and then punted. The longest drive on Saturday was a 57-yard march that ended in a turnover on downs.

In the span that Oklahoma State put seven touchdowns on the board, which came in the first half, Texas Tech punted the ball four times, fumbled twice, threw an interception and turned it over on downs.

At the beginning of the season, Tech was a high-octane offense that could barely be stopped, and was putting up some big numbers, and Tech head coach Tommy Tubreville said he doesn't know what happened to the swagger of the team or if they ever had it.

"I don't know whether we had it all year long. The problem was we were inconsistent in a lot of the games early. Then we get to a game and play very well against Oklahoma, sometimes you get overconfident," he said. "Sometimes you lose that edge in terms of going, hey, we've got to go play our best every game to win, but it's different. Each group's different. We've got to have good practices. Again, I think the biggest thing this week is to make it fun. Get them to the game where they've got that energy to play with passion. Then hopefully we can get some momentum. We talk about emotion. It looks like at times we don't have emotion."

With two games left in the season, bowl eligibility on the line, and the two squads the Red Raiders are facing also not being cakewalk games by an means the team will have to turn things around quickly.

This weekend Tech faces a Missouri team that is 5-5 on the season looking to punch their ticket to a bowl game, and then face a Baylor squad with a talented gunslinger in Robert Griffin III and also looking to return to a bowl game for a second straight year.

To overcome the challenges that face them in the next two weeks, Doege said they might have to look back on some of the games where the team, especially the offense saw success. 

"We all need to realize how good we really are, I think, that's just maybe we should go back and watch some of the games that we played offensively," he said. "Over the first seven games we were the Top 5 in the nation offensively. We're a good football team. I think it's just one of those things where each individual needs to look inside and see we're great players.
"We have some talent here, and we need to believe in what we can do and believe in our coaches and go out there and execute."

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