Taking Over

Brock Stratton has taken an unusual route to Texas Tech. After high school, Stratton went on a religious mission. This mission forced Stratton to be away from football for an extended period. He has overcome this time off to become one of the leading candidates for the starting spot at middle linebacker.

"I don't think I was as sharp as I wanted to be coming off my mission and being away from the game, but as spring ball went on I felt like I was correcting some of the sloppy techniques that I had developed just from being away from the game," Said Brock Stratton. "You have to do that when you're competing for a spot. It's either fix the mistakes, fix the weaknesses, or their won't be much competition." Stratton has made those improvements and hopes to be a difference maker for the Texas Tech defense. "I feel like I can obviously make a difference," said Stratton. Despite these improvements the middle linebacker spot is still too close to call. "I think the spot will be decided before we play SMU, " said Stratton.

This spring was Stratton's first chance to see the talented Red Raider offense in action, and he was impressed. "They really have it together. It looks like a very impressive offense," said Stratton. "Personally, I kind of like playing offenses that are more run oriented. I like to play the run a little bit more than the pass, but obviously you have to be equally balanced with the two".

Stratton knows that there is a lot of pressure on the defense, but he expects the defense to help take Texas Tech football to the next level. "I don't think we, as players on the defense would have it any other way," said Stratton. In fact he says the defense has even loftier goals. "We're not out here to be a mediocre defense, but we're shooting to be the best defense in the NCAA."

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