Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 13

This weeks rankings are in and there is a bit of a shakeup, but not at the top spot.

1.    Oklahoma State: If Oklahoma's loss to Baylor was a surprise, Oklahoma State's loss to Iowa State was an out-and-out stunner. The Cyclones, almost in Kansas State fashion, did just enough to gut out a victory over a team they had little business beating. And it just goes to show that nobody is invulnerable in the Big 12 these days. There are a bunch of good teams, but no truly great ones. OSU ranks No.1 almost by default.


2.    Oklahoma: The Big 12 has commenced to beating up on itself, and the Sooners have not escaped the brutality. And their loss to Baylor was no fluke; the Bears were the better team. Now Oklahoma's offense is still a force to contend with, but their defense looks downright vulnerable. The Cowboys might hang half a hunnert on OU when the time comes.


3.    Kansas State: KSU's win in Austin was pretty doggone impressive. The Longhorns were genuinely fired up to play on Senior Day, but could get nothing done against the Wildcat defense. And K-State's Model-T offense figured out how to score just enough against the rugged Texas defense.        


4.    Baylor: Okay, I'm a believer. All season long I've thought the Bears were overrated and their accomplishments—such as they were—suspect. No more. The takedown of Oklahoma was absolutely legitimate. Robert Griffin may now be the Heisman frontrunner, and the Bear defense, much like Oklahoma State's, has consistently improved. Hats off to Baylor.


5.    Missouri: The drop-off from Baylor to Missouri is pretty dramatic. Outside of Texas Tech, Mizzou is the most uninspired team in the Big 12. They just don't look like they enjoy playing the game of football. Nevertheless, they are bowl eligible, and they managed to beat Texas A&M, Texas and Iowa State.


6.    Texas A&M: Credit where credit is due; the Aggies continue playing hard despite suffering through a disappointing season. And playing hard won't be an issue against Texas on Thanksgiving. Texas A&M has too much firepower for the Horns this time around.


7.    Texas: Put Robert Griffin in a Longhorn jersey and Texas is 9-1. Put David Ash in a Baylor jersey and the Bears are 3-7. That's how important the quarterback position is in college football these days.


8.    Iowa State: The Cyclones lost four straight by wide margins in the middle of the season, and since then have won three in a row, the latest over the No.2 Oklahoma State Cowboys. Paul Rhoads probably won't win Big 12 Coach of the Year honors—Bill Snyder looks like a shoe-in—but he should receive strong consideration by virtue of holding this sinking ship together, and steering it to a bowl berth.


9.    Texas Tech: I fear the Red Raiders may have fired their final bolt in the disheartening loss to Missouri. If so, the game against Baylor will not be pretty. And if the Bears put Tech on the run, you can bet Art Briles will mash the accelerator to the final whistle.


10.    Kansas: Kansas fired their final bolt in the failed upset bid against Baylor. A 61-7 loss to Texas A&M was the result on the following weekend.

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