Staff Pick'Em: Championship Edition

The staff picks the big conference championship games happening this weekend.

Matchups                                          Baucum                    Yeager                  Koch               

Pac-12 Championship


Oregon vs.                                          Oregon                       Oregon               Oregon



SEC Championship


LSU vs.                                                LSU                             LSU                      Georgia



Big 10 Championship


Wisconsin vs.                                     Wisconsin                   Wisconsin          Michigan St.

Michigan St


ACC Championship


Virginia Tech vs.                                Virginia Tech             Virginia Tech       VTech



Conference USA Champ.


Houston vs.                                        Houston                      Houston              Houston

Southern Miss


MAC Championship


Ohio vs.                                               Northern Ill                Northern Ill       Ohio

Northern Illinois


Virtual Big 12 Championship


Oklahoma vs.                                     OkState                       Oklahoma          Okstate

Oklahoma State


Other Notable Games


1.     Texas vs. Baylor                     Baylor                         Baylor                Baylor


2. Kansas State vs.                       Kansas St                   Kansas St          Kanas St

     Iowa State


3. TCU vs. UNLV                           TCU                             TCU                    TCU



**All these picks were made before the games were actually played. **





1) Baucum    (57-18)

2) Yeager       (53-22)

3) Koch           (43-33)

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