Injury? What Injury?

Despite going out in Wednesday's game with an injury, Monique Smalls came back with a fury against Penn State.

Senior Point Guard Monique Smalls has lead this Lady Raider defense for the entire year. She leads the team in steals while sitting second overall in the Big 12 in the category.


She wants to see this team win. But there was a major possibility of Smalls not playing in Saturday's game with Penn State in Lubbock.


She suffered from a hip pointer on Wednesday night in Tech's rout of Texas State. She went down early in the second half and did not return.


Hip pointers are very common to athletes and can even have the possibility of causing a slight fracture in the damaged area. People who suffer from this injury often walk with a limp and have difficulty moving it at all.


Monique Smalls played 38 out of 40 minutes in the game Saturday. She is 5'6" and injured an yet she managed to get eight rebounds off of a team with five post players 6'2" and taller.


She had seven assists without a turnover against a team that forces 15 turnovers a game and has one of the better backcourts in the nation.


Head Coach Kristy Curry said she had no doubt that Smalls was going to play and do her best to help avenge last year's loss.


Smalls shied away from nothing. She was at the line the entire game, going 8-11 from the penalty stripe and threw her body around like she was in no pain at all.


Tech needed her for this game, and she stepped up and led this team to victory and will do so the rest of the way for the Lady Raiders.

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