Staff Pick'Em: Bowl Season Week 1

The staff has started picking the bowl games and here are their picks for Week 1 of the Bowl Season.

Matchups                  Baucum                    Yeager                  Koch               

Temple vs.                  Temple                       Temple               Wyoming   



Ohio vs.                       Utah St                       Ohio                    Ohio

Utah State


San Diego St. vs.         San Diego St               San Diego St        San Diego St

LA Lafayette


Florida Int vs.             Florida Int                  Florida Int          Marshall



TCU vs.                       TCU                             TCU                     TCU

LA Tech


Arizona St. vs.             Boise St           `           Boise St               Boise St

Boise State


Nevada vs.                  Southern Miss           Southern Miss    Nevada

Southern Miss






       Name                 Regular Season     Bowl Season

1) Baucum                    (65-20)                    (0-0)

2) Yeager                       (60-25)                    (0-0)

3) Koch                           (48-38)                     (0-0)



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