Year In Review: You Gotta Be Kidding Moment

The Staff is taking time as the year wraps up to reflect on what was the year 2011

Thomas Lott – Barncastle Lifts Lady Raiders Past Lady Lions


Speaking of Texas Tech lore, the Lady Raiders' win over Penn State in the USA was a back and forth affair in which the game was in question from the start. Tech did what they do best by slowing down the talented backcourt of the Lady Lions and running their offense flawlessly while rebounding their way to the lead. They also held a team who had scored over 200 total points in its previous two games to 56. But the game was highly contested until the final moments. The Lady Raiders had the ball with four seconds left and one second on the shot clock with a  57-56 lead and an inbound play upcoming. If they don't get the ball in, or turn the ball over, one of the Lady Lions backcourt had a very good chance to go down the court and win the game for Penn State. But Senior Captain Jordan Barncastle refused to let that happen. The Lady Raiders inbounded the ball, and although they Lady Lions knew the ball was going to Barncastle, she got it with time to shoot. It was very simple: pass, catch, jump and release, but it was not easy. Barncastle caught the inbound pass, put the shot up and drained a three, her second of the game and the icing on the cake for the Lady Raiders. After that game, the path was clear to go undefeated for the rest of non-conference. There are two game remaining and the team is 10-0, but I would be kidding you if I said that was not their play of the season to this moment.


Joe Yeager – Major Letdown


Following the tremendous upset of Oklahoma, the 19th- ranked Red Raider football team fell in Lubbock by a 41-7 count to an Iowa State team that entered the game with an 0-4 Big 12 record. The Cyclones pounced on Tech early, going up 21-0 in the first quarter, and they never let up. These were truly the best of times and the worst of times.


John Baucum – Winless, and Bowless


The answer to this question is also the 2011 football team. Unfortunately, following the monumental win in Norman, the Red Raiders failed to win again. The team also missed a bowl and finished with the worst home record since 1991.


Joshua Koch – Can't Hold Onto the Ball


Like the majority of the rest of the staff, my moment had to be when Tech was already trailing Oklahoma State this season and the Red Raiders were going to get the ball back via the kickoff.

Well the kickoff came and then it bounced off a Tech player, then Ben McRoy could not corral it and it dribbled into the end zone where a Cowboy jumped on it for an easy six points. I was literally standing there going, "you gotta be kidding me" that that happened.

It was after this play that the kickoff return unit walked back to the sideline with a lackluster kind of attitude like they didn't care anymore. Well that was apparent as Oklahoma State rolled their way to a 66-6 victory, the worst margin of loss – 60 points – for the Red Raiders in program history.

Embarrassing comes to mind, but it was definitely a you gotta be kidding me moment of 2011.

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