Ammo Deficient

In the final game of the regular season the Red Raiders had nothing to stop the Tigers and Joe Yeager shares his thoughts of the final home game of the season.

Not Enough Artillery: The Red Raiders were not about to hang with a scoring machine like Missouri if they got a combined six points from Javarez Willis and Jordan Tolbert, but that's precisely what they got. That duo played a combined 33 minutes, went two of seven from the floor, two of five from the free throw stripe and handed out two assists. When arguably the team's best inside and outside threats stink it up that badly, there's just no hope.


Failing to Find Shooters: The Tigers don't lack for gunners, and every one of them had a field day against the Red Raiders. Marcus Denmon, Kim English, Matt Pressey and Michael Dixon connected on a combined 15 of 24 three point attempts, and several of those conversions were wide open jumpers. The Red Raiders were all too frequently lost and out of position on defense. I was a bit surprised Tech didn't go to the triangle-and-two that they've used occasionally this season with some success. The man-to-man definitely was not working.


Floundering on Inbounds: You can be certain that the Red Raiders will give up at least two buckets per game on inbounds plays under their own goal. It's like clockwork. The opposition's set plays always work, but I haven't noticed corresponding success when Tech runs inbounds plays. Just another thing the Red Raiders must improve upon next season.


Poor Screening: Or poor officiating, you be the judge. Either way, the Red Raiders were called for probably five moving screens against Missouri. Most of them were called against guards setting up shop four feet in front of the hoop attempting to rub off defenders when a Tech big man ran a down cut toward the basket.


Bean's Achilles Heel: In a previous piece I mentioned that Javarez Willis is very right-hand dominant and that this trait hampers his offensive game. Tiger coach Frank Haith apparently noticed this as well, because whoever guarded Willis shaded him hard to the right and forced him to go left. The results were not pretty.


Typical Terran: Terran Petteway played 13 minutes, dished two assists and committed one foul. Those were his only marks in the box score. Sometimes I think Billie Gillispie puts Petteway in the game when he simply has no other ideas.


Attendance: The Red Raiders drew an average of 8,700 fans per game in this dreadful season, which is about 58 percent of capacity. There's no doubt whatsoever in mind that a Tech team going .500 in Big 12 play would average 11,000 per game, and a Big 12 title challenger would average 14,000. The potential is there for a truly special atmosphere. I know—I've experienced it before. And my how I long for those days when Texas Tech was a rocking and raucous basketball school. Tech is so very far away from that right now.


Crockett Is the Linchpin: Sophomore Jaye Crockett averaged 11 points and seven rebounds per game in Big 12 play, leading the Red Raiders in both categories. There's no reason he can't be a 15/10 guy next season.

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