State of the Position: Quarterback

After the Spring Game, Joe Yeager breaks down the quarterback position and where everyone stands.

Spring Personnel: Seth Doege, Junior ; Michael Brewer, Freshman

Fall Additions: Clayton Nicholas, Freshman

Pre-Spring Power Rating: 83

Post-Spring Power Rating: 85


Money Quote: "He [Michael Brewer] did well [in the Red-Black Scrimmage]. This was by far the best he's played. I wanted to leave this spring with me having confidence in him and the rest of our team having confidence in him. I think we got that done today.


He made a lot of plays, some third down conversions. Didn't make the big mistake and that's kind of what he's done in these scrimmage situations the last two year's, he's always looked pretty good but then he's made that one big mistake that kind of hurt us bad, and he didn't do that today, so I was really pleased with him."


Spring Performance: The Texas Tech coaching staff has every confidence that Seth Doege is a quarterback the team can win with. They understand he's not a Heisman Trophy winner, and probably not an All American, but he is the equal of any signal caller in the Big 12. That being the case, the focus was not on Doege, but on preparing Michael Brewer to step smoothly into the huddle should he be called upon to do so.


For the vast majority of spring camp Brewer was a bit of a cipher. He didn't play poorly, but neither did he rise to the occasion and cause jaws to drop. Brewer gave the indication that he could be a caretaker against modest-to-poor competition, but that there was no way he could put the team on his shoulders and carry them to victory over a quality opponent.


That was the consensus before the Red-Black Scrimmage. Now it may be time for a bit of reevaluation.


In the marquee event of the spring, Brewer sallied forth and displayed the ability the coaches suspected he had but had never really seen on the college level.


Brewer was accurate with every type of pass. He was poised, decisive and confident in the pocket. He didn't throw an interception. And his blitzkrieg touchdown drive early in the second half was the offensive highlight of the entire spring for Neal Brown's charges.


This was exactly what the coaching staff wanted and needed to see from Brewer. The trick between now and the season-opener will be for Brewer to prove that he has really turned the corner. He will need to show that he's more than a Red-Black wonder. If he can, Texas Tech's quarterback situation will be as solid as can be.


But what must Doege improve upon in order to be the All Big 12 quarterback many observers believe he's capable of being? There are four key areas.


First, he must become more consistent from game to game. Doege can be near perfect one week and look like the dog's dinner the next. He must even out his performances so the team knows what it's got at kickoff time.


Second, Doege needs to cut down on major mistakes. He throws too many interceptions, and most of them come from Doege simply not seeing defenders. If Doege can improve his downfield vision he will turn the ball over less.


Third, Doege must become mentally tougher. Neal Brown has remarked that Doege has a tendency to get down on himself after a bad play, which then creates a chain reaction of more bad plays. Doege should take a few cues from Cornelius Douglas, a player who buries a bad play as soon as it's over and moves on to the next play.


And finally, Doege could stand to be a more assertive presence. He's a laid back, aw shucks west Texas kid, which is very nice, but a little more fire and brimstone wouldn't hurt the team's cause one bit.

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