Bayou City DT Lookin' at Tech

<b>Eric Mikolajchak</b>, a 6-3.5/6-4 defensive tackle from Katy I.S.D, goes about 315 pounds and can reel off a 5.25/5.3 forty time. Listed in Inside Texas' Nike Camp Overview, he's certainly a D-1 kid to keep an eye on. And we caught up with him recently to gauge the recruiting interest in this standout.

Stacey Dean: Getting mail?

Eric Mikolajchak: Yes, sir. I'm getting a lot.

SD: Name the schools sending the most?

EM: A&M, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Iowa State, Colorado, Duke, Florida, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, OU, Oregon, Kansas, La. Tech, Tulane, TCU, Texas Tech, Texas State, Baylor, Rice, Nebraska, Arizona, Arizona State and Purdue.

SD: Of that group, who's currently showing the most interest?

EM: Iowa St., Missouri, Texas Tech, Oregon, Arkansas, A&M, Arizona, Rice, Texas State, Baylor, Nebraska, Iowa, Tulane, and Notre Dame.

SD: Scholarship offers?

EM: Kansas

SD: Bench max.

EM: 350.

SD: Incline...

EM: 305/310.

SD: Squat?

EM: 560.

SD: (Power) Clean.

EM: 295

SD: Pretty darn good strength. How 'bout them academics?

EM: 3.2 GPA. Haven't got my SAT scores yet.

Mikolajchak is keeping an open mind throughout the process, but has a few shcools he's looking at right now.

"I like A&M, Ohio State, Colorado, Miami, Iowa State, Texas Tech, Notre Dame ,Kansas," Mikolajchak revealed. "But I'm still open to being recruited by other schools."

And he's looking at the schools who pony up even more, so that's got to be good news for Kansas fans.

As for when a decision might be made, Mikolajchak said he'd like to take his official visits for the purpose of seeing the different atmospheres and facilities. Also said academics would play a big part in his selection, too.

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