Red Raiders Land No. 4

The Woodlands' <b>Danny Amendola</b> got off at one of <b>Mike Leach</b> and Co.'s summer camps, but it wasn't something the Texas Tech coaching staff didn't expect from the 5-11.5, 180-pounder. After all, WR coach <b>Dana Holgerson</b> had been recruiting the Houston-area product since he was a sophomore and I'm sure that more than paid off when it came time for glue-fingered pass-catcher to pull the trigger in favor of the Red Raiders.

"They offered me back in March and I committed to them about 5 days ago," Amendola said. "I called up Coach Holgerson and said I wanted to commit."

Amendola also said he thought Holgerson -- coach recruiting him -- was "a down-to-earth guy" and "really nice". Said he's lookin' forward to playing for him.

Was he excited?

"He was definitely happy, but I think we both pretty much knew I was already coming to Texas Tech...I'm just a perfect fit for what they're trying to do (offensively)."

"Even my father and brother were telling me that I fit that system as well as anybody," the kid, who caught 60 passes for 1000 yards and 7 TD's, said. "You know they don't necessarily take the biggest or fastest guys out there, but they find the guys who can play and can catch the ball really well...and that's what I do best."

The big rivalry game against the Aggies, of course, has Amendola stoked.

"The A&M game is huge," said the kid with an impressive 270-pound bench, 240 clean, and 350 squat. "Really, every week is a big game in the Big 12. They have 6 teams in the top-25."

Asked to compare his game, Amendola picked out (NYJets) wideout Wayne Chrebet. "I think I'm similar to him in that we just like to get open and make the big plays."

Kid also has the same fearless attitude as he doesn't mind going over the middle despite 6-4, 230-pound linebackers looking to take his head off.

"I'll sell my body out for the team."

Folks, that's exactly what the product from The Woodlands is all about. You may not find him on anybody's top 100 list, but there's little doubt this kid is top-100 caliber.

Leach, Holgerson and gang add bluechipper No. 4 to their 2004 class as they're looking to continue the momentum of what's looking like a pretty impressive class, thus far.

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