Practice Report: August 10th

Going deeper into practice with Joe Yeager as the first full week of practice comes to a close.

Momentum in White: The offense clearly has the momentum going into tomorrow's scrimmage. For two days straight Neal Brown's group has had it's way with Art Kaufman's unit. But there is one important caveat: in non-tackling drills the offense always has a huge advantage because the defense, in some respects, must pull its punches. The defense simply cannot be as aggressive as it would ordinarily be because doing so would result in tackling. The defense must play at less that 100 percent of its potential pace. For this reason alone, expect the defense to be more competitive in the scrimmage, which will allow tackling.

Friday Night Fight: Just after I praised the team for being a harmonious group, Trey Keenan and Chris Knighton go and make me look bad. During line drills Keenan wrestled Knighton to the ground and then fell on him. The latter took exception to Keenan's tactics and came up swinging, connecting with a straight right. Knighton then removed his own helmet and duly absorbed a jab from Keenan. The coaches seemed in no hurry to break up all this happiness, but eventually did so.

A Piece to the Puzzle: If, for some reason, Terry McDaniel is unable to go during the season, look for Le'Raven Clark to swing back out to tackle and Alfredo Morales to fill in for Clark at right guard. That is what happened today with McDaniel sitting out his second straight practice. The backup situation behind LaAdrian Waddle is murkier. Rashad Fortenberry currently runs second string, and he had a good practice today, but if Neal Brown and Chris Thomsen don't feel comfortable with Fortenberry, James Polk is capable of playing left tackle although he currently is getting most of his reps at left guard.

A Call to Arms: The offense emphasized the pistol formation today more than at any point this month.

Trick Shots: The offense also did some work with trick plays. The wide receiver pass was chief among them. Alex Torres often functioned as the quarterback, receiving a lateral from the original quarterback and then throwing a bomb to the Z receiver who was streaking down the middle of the field on a skinny post. Austin Zouzalik, a high school quarterback, also played the role of the passer. And then there was the perennial favorite "throwback" play where the receiver (Zouzalik) takes a lateral and throws it back across the field to the quarterback (Seth Doege).

There was a trick play on special teams as well. To wit, Ryan Bustin received a direct snap on a field goal attempt and tossed the pigskin to Jackson Richards who was slotted to the left. It seems that Richards is a favorite for trick plays on special teams.

Dee Mo': Z receiver Darrin Moore had his best day of August. He put a Javon Bell-type move on Happiness Osunde to free himself for a nice grab in one-on-one drills. He beat Tre' Porter on a deep flag route from Doege later in that session. And he got the best of Cornelius Douglas for a touchdown on a drag route in the back of the end zone in team drills.

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