Practice Report: August 17th

Joshua Koch gives the info from Friday's morning practice for the Red Raiders.



- The morning practice had great weather conditions in the high 70s, low 80s and constant cloud cover throughout, the Red Raiders went for about two hours.


- In the second practice of the day Tommy Tuberville said they were going to work around an hour and fifteen minutes working on special teams


- They are practicing a bunch of guys on special teams that are not starters to add some depth


- Defensively they put a lot of new things in on Friday


- Offensively they put in a lot of their no-back stuff and also on goal line offense as well after they struggled in that area in the scrimmage on Wednesday.


- In Saturday's scrimmage, the one's are going to get about 40 snaps, two's get 30-35 snaps and there are a lot three's that they want to get about 25-30 snaps as well. Add the kicking game to that Tuberville expects them to go about 115-120 snaps in Saturday's scrimmage.


- A true Big 12 Refereeing crew will call Saturday's scrimmage and will come in and talk to the players about the rules and stuff along those lines as well. So Saturday's scrimmage will be ran like a regular game and they will see a lot of stuff that they will see in real games this season.


- Won't be a lot of tackling, but will be full speed blocking, want to keep them as healthy as possible.


- Corner issues: Eugene Neboh and Cornelius Douglas have had some groin problems so Jeremy Reynolds, a redshirt freshman has come on well, Bruce Jones has to come on, has a great vertical leap, but has to learn how to play against big receivers, like Tech has.


- Offensive Line: Beau Carpenter is back, almost going full speed, won't have Le'Raven Clark and Alfredo Morales won't be back till Monday









Tommy Tuberville, Head Coach



Defensive Intensisty


"When we got into teamwork, they kind of picked it up, had a couple of push arounds out here, guy losing their temper a little bit, but that's good their competing against each other," Tuberville said. "As long as they keep their helmet on their not going to hurt each other."

Breaking up the fights


"They know how to handle it, your going to lose tempers when you've got guys going against each other everyday," Tuberville said. "One guy wins, the other guy wins, one guy maybe holds on offense the other guy might grab a guys facemask. You know, those little things happen but its good to see their teammates come to each other, know that we are a team."


"Its offense versus defense, in two-a-days the only way your going to get better is to push yourself."


Talking about Saturday's scrimmage


"Need to do a lot better on offense in terms of focus," Tuberville said. "We had five or six procedure penalties last week." 


"We'll put them in certain situations that we didn't do last week," Tuberville said. "We'll put the offense in a bind, we'll put the defense in a bind."


Playing Cornerback


"To play cornerback here, against our guys, you earn it, every day," Tuberville said.


"The only way you can play corner in this league, is with technique," Tuberville said.


Terrance Bullitt, Tech Safety




"Well this is day 12 into camp, we're up here all day everybody's getting mad about seeing each other," he said. "We don't want to fight in the locker room so we take it out on the field, after the field it's all over. It's going to make us better in the season."


"It's nothing personal on the field, if somebody gets beat, of course you don't want to get pancaked … it's part of the game, nobody's trying to hurt each other."


Becoming more comfortable in camp


"I missed spring, so these reps that I'm getting right are really helping me and I'm learning a new position. So as camps going on, I'm starting to learn more stuff that I didn't learn in the spring because I didn't get reps. It's starting to all come together and click and I'm starting to get back in my groove."


Something the defense needs to get better at …


"Getting the ball to the offense, getting more turnovers." Bullitt said.


Ryan Erxlaben, Tech Punter


"Well my punting has definitely gotten better, I'm really looking forward to the season," he said. "We've got a great snapper a great kicker, really looking forward to special teams."


Being the punter


"It's kind of a win-win," he said. "Because when I'm on the sideline, either the offense gets stopped, I get to punt and if they get to go down and score I get to hold it."


On the issues from last season that were on special teams


"We're looking to go out there and really shut a lot of people up about it," he said. "We actually want to win games on special team this year, instead of just going out and doing it. That's our mentality this year, so I'm really looking forward to it."

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