Practice Report: August 22nd

With camp down to just one more day, Joshua Koch has the report from Wednesday's practice.

Brewin' with Brewer: Michael Brewer might be the backup for the Red Raiders entering the 2012 season, but he has definitely put himself in a position to be successful for the future and possibly this season. When comparing Brewer and Doege side-by-side, the red-shirt freshman QB has shown his elusiveness in the pocket. Multiple times in Tech's scrimmage on Wednesday, in which around 80 plays were ran, Brewer evaded tacklers and was able to work under pressure well.


Offense stalled: At one point in the scrimmage, the Red Raider offense completely stalled so the coaches just gave the reigns of the offense to the running backs in the Wild Raider. Yes it is the wildcat formation, but just for giggles it has been coined as the "Wild Raider". For eight straight plays, Tech ran the Wild Raider with Eric Stephens and Kenny Williams sharing the snaps. It will be interesting to see how much this formation will be used in the season, but for sure it will be seen on the gridiron at some point in 2012.


Feeling Good: Stephens has had some shining moments throughout the fall camp but on Wednesday the best moment for Red Raiders and their fans came. On a run play up the middle, Stephens hit the line, broke through and was off to the races. Stephens was finally dragged down around the five-yard line. But a 58-yard run was what he had tallied. For the first time this fall, Stephens looked like the old Stephens that we know where he can hit a hole and make someone pay. The season opener will be fun to watch as Stephens says he will be 110% by then and we will see what he can do. It will be a sight for sore eyes for every Red Raider fan to see No. 24 line up in the backfield again.


Getting Tricky: The Red Raider offense got creative in Wednesday's scrimmage as there was a good number of trick plays worked in. One play to take note was when Seth Doege snapped the ball, tossed it back to wide receiver and former high school quarterback Austin Zouzalik and he tossed it around 40 yards hooking up with Javon Bell. There were a few more just like this throughout the scrimmage, but this play was the most successful. When asked if plays like this and the Wild Raider were going to be seen this season, Tommy Tuberville said you will see them, but the reason they have worked so much on them during fall camp, is because during a usual week of game prep there is not time to. So that is a good sign that these kinds of plays are working well for the Red Raiders with just more than a week until the season opener.


WR Issues: Marcus Kennard looked like he had not been practicing a lot, as in Wednesday's scrimmage as there were a lot of dropped passes and just missed opportunities for the wide receiver. There will be no surprise if Kennard does not earn a spot on the starting squad for the fall.


More Wide Receivers to Look At: Two more red-shirt freshman have been impressive in the fall camp as Jakeem Grant made some good catches and was also very good after the catch. The one thing that a lot of wide receivers have shown is their ability to go up and get the ball. Javares McRoy, yes Ben McRoy's brother, has looked good making some great grabs in camp today. The choice at wide receiver is so deep it is going to be interested to see who will be redshirted before the season begins, but the good thing to not is if a key wide out goes down, then there are some quality choices to grab from the redshirt group to replace them.


Ring of Honor Done: On Tuesday workers had just put up E.J. Holub's name and number, but on Wednesday morning all three names were posted and looked good. It will be a great addition to the stadium and will be a great tradition to get started in the season opener this year. 

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