Big 12 Teleconference Week One Notes - Part 2

More notes and tidbits from the first Big 12 Teleconference of the 2012 season.

Bill Snyder (Kansas State)


- Two games have already been announced as sellouts for the Wildcats, Snyder commends the student body and the community for their support of Kansas State football. Snyder also credits the marketing team at Kansas State as well.

- Collin Klein takes all aspects of this game seriously, Snyder said, and Klein has made a concentrated effort to improve in all areas and Snyder believes he has.

- Klein has also improved in the leadership area as well, and will not take anything for granted in 2012


Dana Holgorsen (West Virginia)


- Running back Dustin Garrison was sore last week, and they are just seeing what they are going to do with him.

- Andrew Bule and Shawne Alston are expected to get some carries in the season opener this weekend for the Mountaineers.

- D'Vontis Arnold has been an under the radar running back for them so far and Holgorsen said the running back position is the hardest in college football.

- West Virginia vs. Marshall is a game for bragging rights, and Holgorsen said when he watched the Marshall vs. West Virginia game and he could tell a noticeable difference in how hard Marshall played.

- Holgorsen on Alston: He didn't even travel to the Marshall game last season, has been emerging throughout the spring and summer. Holgorsen considers him as one of the most mobile players on their team.

- They are going to play some young guys at the DB and D-Line position this season, a lot of new bodies for Holgorsen's team and game experience will help them


Art Briles (Baylor)


- Briles believes that Garrett Gilbert is a good quarterback and Baylor will have their hands full with him and SMU in the opener

- Talking about what they lost last season, they cannot replace those players and Briles said they just have to figure out how to be productive on the offensive side of the ball

- These new players have a chance to go make a name for themselves, because a lot of people don't know their names, Briles said.

- Nick Florence is a true team player, Briles said, and he has respect from all his teammates and this is not his opportunity to not shine, but contribute to the team.

- Briles believes all 12 of their games this season will be televised and with that known, they need to cherish the coverage and also live up to the expectations for their program.


Paul Rhoads (Iowa State)

- Rhoads believes his team, unlike the past three years, is a veteran football team, a team that understands what they are doing offensively and defensively. Also there is a level of maturity in this team, which he has not seen in his previous teams.

- This team he does not have to "coach" the guys, as much because the guys are doing everything they need to do on their own. Rhoads has been able to coach the little technique things that are needed to make a great football team.

- Rhoads said his team is the underdog heading into the game vs. Tulsa, because Tulsa is a good football team, and Rhoads said they are preparing as well as they can to play hard and start fast.

- With the new kickoff rule, Rhoads said there will  be a lot of touchbacks, and also the new on-side kick rules will not give an advantage to the kicking team and it essentially takes out the most exciting play in football.

- With starting at the 25 on a touchback, that won't make a biggest difference because in the past few seasons right around the 25 is where they have usually been starting out anyways.


Gary Patterson (TCU)


-Patterson said this is the youngest team he has put on the field in his fifteen years of coaching

- TCU has a chance to start between eight and 10 true freshmen this season, so they will take whatever time they have to work with them and prepare them for the season

- Patterson said they are going to have a better defense this season, and their goal is going to be to hold teams to field goals. But in the end wins will tell how good the defense is good.

- Patterson said its not a sprint to get acclimated to a new conference, they have been through this process before so it will take 3-5 years.


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