High-Flying Offense in 2012

It's the style of offense that Seth Doege and the Red Raiders ran in 2011, and its the key to success in 2012 according to the quarterback himself.

It's fast and furious.

No it's not a car, but there is a car involved in the name and there are similarities when talking about the NASCAR offense that the Red Raiders have showed off for the past few seasons.

"I think that's our MO here.  We play fast, we play physical, and we're attention to detail," Texas Tech quarterback Seth Doege said.  "The reason we do play fast is to catch the defense out of position or maybe they're not lined up or they're tired and we can catch them maybe on a busted coverage or busted play call and we can get some easy yards or easy scores just out of that."

The Red Raiders finished fifth in the country in first downs per game in 2011, averaging 26.17, and 192 of the 314 first downs came via the pass.

With the fast moving offense that Doege directs like a conductor directs an orchestra or band, with fluid and fast-thinking movement, there is no surprise the senior gunslinger sees their style of offense as an advantage against any defense.

"Yes, we do. I think that gives us an advantage as an offense because we practice it every single day," he said. "We're in shape for it, and defenses that won't practice against our top offense don't get that tempo every day.  So once they come and play us, they may be tired or out of position, and we can catch them on something, like I said, some easy yards."

Despite the high-flying offense that we saw in 2011, which averaged 10.13 yards per passing play and 125.17 yards per game on the ground, starting slow was an issue, like the 10-9 halftime deficit Tech found themselves in against Texas State in the season opener.

Those kinds of starts are exactly what the Tech offense wants to avoid in 2012.

"One thing I'd like to see, and I think I can speak on behalf of the offense, we'd want to start fast and start the game the way we wanted to start it," Doege said. "I think we do a good job practicing that.  We start our practices off with something very intense.  That way it can translate over to the game whereas soon as the ball is snapped, we're ready to roll."

Doege and the Red Raider offense have the tools and weapons, some new ones that are going to be fun and interesting to watch in 2012.

The defense is always tasked with the job of getting the ball back to the offense, sometimes that doesn't end with the offense scoring.

But Tech senior safety D.J. Johnson said they have all the confidence in the offense and Doege is the man to lead them this season.

"I'm confident.  I've always been confident," he said. "They've been a good offense for a while now.  I feel like this is the year that they have a chance and an opportunity to be a great offense, as long as everybody stays healthy, and as long as they continue to trust into the system, Doege continues to lead and others continue to follow."  

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