Mailbag: Week 2

You all posed the questions in week two and the staff answered them.

Q: D Front line did a great job last Saturday, thus we didn't need to blitz you think we will see more blitzing this weekend?

How did you think our secondary performed last Saturday?

Offensive line looked much improved, however, we did not rip off any runs much more than 10 yards that I there any concern over the lack of huge holes?


A: I wouldn't expect to see much blitzing unless the coaches see a weakness in TSU's o-line that they feel they can take advantage of. TSU is not exactly Hawaii when it comes to throwing the football either, and I don't think Tech will have to dig out of a deficit (desperately trying to force turnovers), so again, there shouldn't be lots of blitzing.


Regarding the secondary, Eugene Neboh and Cornelius Douglas were almost invisible in the passing game because NSU hardly threw to their receivers. They did play well in run support however, as did Cody Davis, who, along with Kerry Hyder, was Tech's best defender in this game. D. J. Johnson had a nice sack on a safety blitz. On the whole, the secondary did just fine.


The offensive line--and particularly its left side--often got a good surge, but did not create many creases. Tubs said that the line did not block the second level well, and that's what you have to do to knock running lanes in the defense. And yes, this is a concern. Tech must have a credible running game or this offense will be fairly pedestrian.


Q: Is this the most talented team we've had in ages? Talent may not equate to wins, i understand....


A: The talent level is pretty decent, but probably still not what it needs to be to win the Big 12. A few of Leach's later teams had more talent.


LaAdrian Waddle and Eric Stephens are NFL prospects right now.


Eric Ward, Jevon Bell, Darrin Moore, Deveric Gallington, Kerry Hyder, Delvon Simmons, Cornelius Douglas, Cody Davis, Will Smith and Ryan Bustin have the potential to join that club, in my opinion.


Q: Neal said in post game that we are going to open the playbook a bit more for week 2...Do you think he will have Doege air it out more? Are we going to see some Wild Cat?


A: Wouldn't be surprised to see some Wildcat. And although we could see some more downfield passing (especially with Bell and Moore in the lineup), I think the chief concern will be getting the ground game untracked. Toward that end, we may see more misdirection and motion to try to get the defensive front seven moving. If this approach helps the running game, then it will be off to the races with the passing attack.


Q: Can u gauge the attitude of the team this early on? Do they look as one?

Ive read a ton about leadership... Do we really have that?

How much of the above helps or hurt a team? Ive always wondered about these things...


A: The one thing I've noticed about this team chemistry-wise is unity. They seem like a very cohesive group that gets along well together.


As far as leadership goes, I think there's more on the defensive side of the ball than on offense.


And chemistry/leadership is pretty important. These intangibles will control the locker room cancers that exist on every team. Too many bad eggs and not enough character poison the atmosphere and can even cause a team to turn against the coaching staff. And at that point you can stick a fork in the team.


Q: What changes can we expect to see from the defense against TxState?  Particularly, what adjustments will they make after the first game?


A: I think we are not going to see a lot of changes. Texas State is known for running the option and the good thing for Tech is they were able to stop the run with authority against Northwestern State. 

I think you go into the Texas State game with the same game plan as against the Demons. STOP THE RUN ... it's what hurt Tech against the Bobcats in the first half of the season opener last year. 

Key will be to stop the run and also keep the Bobcats third down conversion rate down low as well. NWST was 3 -of-14 on Saturday when it came to third down conversions.

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