College Football Pick'Em: Week 2

The picks are in for College Football Week 2, who is on upset alert from the Staff.

Matchups                          Fitzgerald          Yeager           Pitts                Koch          


Texas Tech vs                      Tech               Tech               Tech               Tech

Texas State


Miami vs.                               Miami             Kansas St.    Kansas St.    Kansas St.

21 Kansas State


Iowa State vs.                       Iowa St           Iowa St           Iowa St           Iowa St



Rice vs.                                  Kansas          Kansas          Rice                Kansas



Florida A&M vs.                    OU                  OU                  OU                  OU

5 Oklahoma


Grambling State vs.            TCU                TCU                TCU                TCU

20 TCU


New Mexico vs.                    Texas             Texas             Texas             Texas



18 Oklahoma State vs.       OSU               OSU               OSU               OSU



7 Georgia vs                         Georgia         Missouri        Missouri        Georgia



24 Florida vs.                        A&M                Florida           Florida           Florida

Texas A&M


East Carolina vs                  SC                  SC                  SC                  ECU

9 South Carolina


Washington vs.                    LSU                LSU                LSU                LSU



**Picks were submitted before games were played**




STANDINGS           Overall    
1) Fitzgerald           (11-1)                                

      Yeager                 (11-1)                      

     Koch                      (11-1)         

     Pitts                      (11-1)  



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