Texas Tech Player to Watch: Cody Davis

Justin Laney dives into this weekends matchup against the Lobos and points out who is going to be the player to watch for the Red Raiders.

Texas Tech- The player to watch for your Red Raiders is none other than senior strong safety Cody Davis.


With his ability to stop the run and the pass, he is going to be key. Davis and the Red Raider defensive backs can dictate the game tempo and help force some three and outs by preventing the Lobo offense from extending some of their possessions on third down.


This is something New Mexico did very well in the first half against Texas last weekend and the Red Raider defense is very aware of that.


"With running teams, they try to control the clock, that also just wears down your defense and keeps the offense cold," Davis said during Tuesday's weekly press conference. "You can't get in any rhythm.  So we have to get off the field on third down and get as many three and outs as we can."


Davis set the tone last weekend in San Marcos with an 88-yard pick six on the Bobcat's first drive of the night and the Red Raiders never looked back.

This week presents yet another option attack but thankfully for Texas Tech, this is nothing they haven't seen before.


"It's just defending the option, you have to kind of split up responsibilities instead of everybody swarming to the ball," Davis said. "You're going to have guys assigned to certain gaps. You're going to have a guy assigned to the dive, the quarterback, the pitch, backside, the reverse and things like that.  So it kind of stretches you out.  You've got to know what you're doing and fit in the right place."


If the Texas Tech defense can come out early and force the Lobos to make some plays through the air, this one could get out of hand early.

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