College Football Pick'Em: Week 3

A big week for college football and the staff has their picks in. Some upsets maybe in the mix?

Matchups                          Fitzgerald         Pitts                Koch          


Texas Tech vs.                     Tech               Tech               Tech

New Mexico


LA-Lafayette vs                     OSU               OSU               OSU

Oklahoma State


16 TCU vs.                            TCU                TCU                TCU



James Madison vs.             WVU               WVU               WVU

9 West Virginia


North Texas vs.                    Kansas St     Kansas St     Kansas St

15 Kansas State


Sam Houston St vs.            Baylor             Baylor             Sam Houston St



W Illinois vs.                         Iowa St           Iowa St           Iowa St

Iowa State


14 Texas vs.                         Texas             Texas             Ole Miss

Ole Miss


1 Alabama vs.                      Bama             Bama             Bama



2 USC vs                               USC               Stanford         USC

21 Stanford


20 Notre Dame vs               Michigan St   Notre Dame  Notre Dame

10 Michigan State


18 Florida vs.                        Tennessee   Tennessee   Florida

23 Tennessee



**Picks were submitted before games were played**




STANDINGS           Overall    
1)     Pitts                 (21-3)  

2)      Yeager             (20-4)                      

     Koch                      (20-4)

3) Fitzgerald           (19-5)                                





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