Senior Day:Different Prep for Morning Kickoff

Justin Laney writes about how the Red Raiders will have to prep differently for an early morning kickoff.

Well, the Red Raiders would have liked to be at least 7-2 at this point but with the disappointing defeat last week, the seniors know that they must move on and focus on the Kansas Jayhawks.

It's going to be Senior Day at the Jones but with an 11 a.m. kickoff, the team knows they have to change up their weekly routine just a little bit in order to be better prepared.

"It might be a little bit of change, but I think it's huge on us as players, like during the week, to get some sleep this week, and I think come Saturday it won't be that big of a deal," Tech quarterback Seth Doege said.  "I think any time you wake up early you've got to move around and wake up.  But we do that anyways regardless of what we play, we wake up and go have breakfast and then go do a walk through, which is more of a jog through.  I think we'll keep the same routine.  We need to get the guys focused early.  That's the big thing is you've got to get focused now instead of you have breakfast and then you go to the walk through and you have three hours to hang out in your room and think about the game.  We don't have that.  It's walking through and then you're ready to go.  It's big that we get ready to go early."

Many Red Raiders fan dread the 11 a.m. kickoff as Texas Tech has fallen victim to lesser teams as the fans don't seem to command the normal hostile energy at "The Jones".

The Red Raiders know that this could be an opportunity to send a message to the fans and any remaining opponents.

 "It's the next game.  I mean, every game is like that," senior safety D.J. Johnson said. "There's not one game that goes by where we're not thinking that it's around a game or it's an important game or the biggest game of the season.  Like I always say, if you lose one game, that affects the season.  Every game we go into, we go into with the mindset that this is the biggest game because it's the next game and it's the most important game because it's the next game, and if we lose this game then we're one step further away from what we're trying to accomplish.  So yeah, we're going into this game and we're going to make sure that we go in there and prove to ourselves that we're still capable of doing what we wanted to do and prove it to the rest of the world."



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