Really, It was Nothing

After a heated exchange on the sideline between Tommy Tuberville and a graduate assistant it was brought up in the post-game press conference

In a game where emotions were already running high because of it being the final home game of the season for the Red Raiders and also senior day, struggling to get the offense going and silly mistakes started to pile up and frustration started to become evident on the Texas Tech sideline.

Early in the third quarter, the Red Raiders were holding onto a slim 21-17 lead and looked to extend it after Kansas had stalled out on its first drive of the second half.

Tech was driving, going from its own 19-yard line all the way up to the 49-yard line before the Red Raiders faced a fourth down and two and had a decision to make.

Initially it looked as though Tech was going to go for it, but then some special teams players from the punting unit were on the field, and did not get off in time.

Whistles blew, flags flew for illegal formation and having 12 men on the field, and in just the blink of an eye what was a manageable fourth down turned into an automatic punting situation with Tech facing a fourth down and seven.

But it wasn't just the mistake on the field that got people's attention, but rather the antics that were ensuing on the sideline between Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville and graduate assistant Kevin Oliver, who is a special teams coach.

"Well, not at him," Tuberville said about the confrontation with Oliver. "We couldn't get the right personnel.  We got two back‑to‑back penalties.  That's what I was hot about."

 The conversation got extremely heated and ended with Tuberville knocking the headset and hat off of Oliver's head, which caused a lot of controversy, and really put a shadow over the Red Raiders eventual win, especially on senior day.

"Oh, I reached and grabbed him.  He was on the field, and I reached to grab him and pull him off.  When I pulled, I missed his shirt and I grabbed his face mask and his microphone ripped off his head.  I was trying to get him off the field."

The questions continued in the post-game press conference about the incident and Tuberville continued to make nothing of it.

"Yeah, he was trying to help me get him off," Tuberville said. "But he's standing out on the field and we're trying to get him off, and the referee's standing there.  I just pulled him off and missed his shoulder and grabbed his ‑‑ I mean, it wasn't anything to it.  It was just one of those deals where I missed his shoulder and ended up grabbing the microphone on his head set and pulled it off."

This marks the second-straight week that Tuberville has gotten heated on the sideline, against Texas it was directed at the referees for some calls in the game and not at a member of the coaching staff.

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