Swami Says: Big 12 Predictions

Joe Yeager's predictions are in for today's games, who wins, who loses and why??

Kansas State at Baylor: If this game had been played three weeks ago,

Kansas State would have stomped a mud-hole in the Bears. The Wildcats

appeared invincible while the Bears vied with Kansas for top honors in

Big 12 gridiron ineptitude.


But things have changed a mite. Kansas State still looks plenty tough,

but Baylor is suddenly competitive with Big 12 royalty as their performance

against Oklahoma last week showed. The turnaround is because the Bears

are now playing halfway decent defense.


Of course, halfway decent is totally insufficient when facing Collin Klein

and the Manhattan Maulers, but Baylor's defensive uptick does give the

Bears an outside shot at springing the upset. But it won't happen, of course.

KSU looks like a team of destiny. A team destined to play in the national

championship game.


The Vision: Kansas State 41 Baylor 29



Iowa State at Kansas: You just get the sense that Kansas is due to

finally win a Big 12 game. And you also get the sense that Iowa State

is a beaten down and vulnerable team.


Although it is Kansas that is winless in Big 12 play, they are the team

with higher morale and motivation. Iowa State, on the other hand,

has seen a once fairly promising season resolve into ashes. The Cyclone

defense is still good, of course, but despite holding the opposition below

their offensive averages on a weekly basis, ISU's offensive weakness means

that they're never really a threat to win.


This game will be close, but the home field advantage will be enough to

see the Jayhawks through to their first conference win since

Bob Dole was a pup.


The Vision: Kansas 25 Iowa State 22



Oklahoma at West Virginia: The Sooners, an oversold team if there

ever was one, are prime upset meat, but only if they're playing a stable,

sound and confident opponent. The Mountaineers, unfortunately, are

about as stable as Keith Olberman, as sound as a condemned building

astride the San Andreas fault, and as confident George Stephanopoulos

stepping into the ring with Manny Pacquiao.


West Virginia actually has the talent to beat Oklahoma, but they do not

have the coaching and the intangibles to pull off the upset. Still, this will

certainly be an entertaining and high scoring affair.


The Vision: Oklahoma 44 West Virginia 35



Texas Tech at Oklahoma State: This looks very much like a

matchup of two ships passing in the night and heading in totally

opposite directions. With the exception of a baffling loss to Arizona

early in the year, the Cowboys have played rather well the entire

season. And certainly they're playing their best football right now.

 They've whipped the tar out of Iowa State, TCU and West Virginia

in three of their last four outings and now draw a Red Raider team

that they've owned for about as long as anybody can remember.


Speaking of the Red Raiders, it really looks like their best days are

behind them in 2012. Injuries, a lack of depth, red zone offensive

woes and a defense that is slow to adjust, have rendered Tech a

very average football team, and that's a shame because the Red Raiders

of September and early October were formidable indeed.


What it boils down to is that you can't see Tech getting many stops at

all against the versatile and lethal OSU attack.


The Vision: Oklahoma State 50 Texas Tech 26

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