Savage's Options Opened After Visit

Offensive Lineman Dionte Savage had his official visit this past weekend and was pleased with what he saw.

A week after committing to Baylor University on his visit to Waco, offensive lineman Dionte Savage left Lubbock with a lot to think about after his visit to Texas Tech.

"Oh man, I had a great time in Lubbock," said Savage. "The whole visit just made me feel like home."

The Red Raider coaching staff is getting plenty of complements on the recruiting trail as well.

In just over 6 weeks time, Kliff Kingsbury and his staff, some of whom haven't even been on staff a month, have closed gaps as well as opened doors that haven't been opened around the state to Texas Tech in awhile. "I really liked Coach Kingsbury," said Savage. "He's cool, down to earth, but you can tell when it's time to get down to it, he's all about business."

The Red Raiders seem to be in a good position on signing the big lineman who measured at 6'5'' 328 lbs on his weigh-in Saturday.

"I verballed to Baylor, but I am going to make the right decision for me and my future," said Savage. "At this point, oh man, I think Baylor and Tech are pretty even."

As if the two Texas rival schools aren't enough to consider, Savage is taking all of his visits over the course of 3 weeks, and all of them will be to Big 12 schools.

Savage is currently on a visit to Kansas, and next weekend, he will make the trek to West Virginia.

One would feel good about the chances of Texas Tech versus those schools in the past, but all have open starting positions on the offensive lines and Kansas is trying to field what Savage called, "a JuCo all-star team."

But the Red Raiders have a few players on the roster who can relate to a player in Savage's situation as well. Sadale Foster, a junior college transfer a year ago, served as Savage's main host and those two were joined by two other players with similar backgrounds in Will Smith and Rashad Fortenberry.

"We had conversations that I can't have with everyone else," said Savage. "They told me how it is being a JuCo player and could relate to my situation. They definitely showed me how Texas Tech would be the best fit for me."

Playing time is definitely going to be a factor with Savage, but with all of the schools he's visiting having open spots in the o-line, it's going to be more than that.

"Baylor wants me to come in and play right guard," said Savage. "Texas Tech thinks I could play guard or tackle, whichever is the best fit for me." (Note: Baylor graduated two senior offensive linemen, while Tech graduated three.) "

Another attribute that Savage could really bring to the table wherever he chooses to sign is leadership.

"I play with a chip on my shoulder. I'm physical and feel I'm best on the interior. I am a leader because coming from JuCo, I know where I want to go and I'll get after guys who don't want to work hard." Asked what he would do if a fellow lineman committed a costly penalty at the key point of the game, coaches everywhere have to like his response. "First, I'll try to keep the guy's head up. We don't need to make any more mistakes after that. But I'll also get after those guys."

Dionte Savage is going to take his decision down to signing day, visiting Kansas this Sunday-Monday and West Virginia next weekend.

The word home was uttered by Savage about half a dozen times when referring to Texas Tech, and fans have to like the Red Raiders' chances.

At the same time, fans and coaches alike probably can't breathe a sigh of relief on Savage until the fax comes through to the 806 area code on signing day.

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