Booked: First Class of Kingsbury Era Complete

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon concerning the brand new recruiting class he has just brought to Lubbock.

A lot of depth today from Coach Kingsbury regarding his first signing class at Texas Tech. Here are some of the highlights.

Concentration was on defensive backs, offensive line and outside linebacker/defensive end, but most of all, the concentration was finding guys who wanted to be at Texas Tech that possessed speed and athleticism. " (We want) guys that we love their effort on tape.  We love the way they can run and jump and do certain things athletically.  We'll find a place for them once they get here." 

-        Also regarding guys that excel in track. "It's big.  Like I said, speed is one thing you can't coach, and we're trying to be the fastest in the Big 12.  That's our goal with the way we want to play on offense and defense.


-        Any kid that was recruited/signed has a chance to play immediately, but also any of the OL have a chance to play immediately.  "Yeah, I would say any of those offensive linemen jump out, and receiver-wise, obviously, we have some really good ones coming back, but those guys will hop

right in there. But as far as specific names, we recruit them all to play.  I think that's kind of our philosophy on it.  We wouldn't recruit a guy if we thought he was a down-the-road.  We want guys that can come in and help us right now.

-        Very happy with the effort of the staff and the work they did in the short time they had.

"Watching their drive and energy and competitiveness, how they take it personal.  When

they didn't get a player, had to talk about the edge a little bit a few times.  But you want that.  You want them to be competitive. They did a great job relating to the players, that was the biggest thing I saw.  Great relationships were built in a short amount of time, and that bodes really well for the future."

-        Individually, Kliff talked about several players.

QB Davis Webb -  "That was a great pick-up.  The previous staff did a great job of recruiting him.  I was very aware of him when I was at Texas A&M, great kid, very talented.  He gets bigger and bigger. I saw him yesterday.  He was 210 pounds and loves football.  Can't get enough of it.  So

we're excited about what the future holds for him."

WR Devin Lauderdale – " Coach Morris did a great job building a relationship with

him and really making him feel like this was the best situation for him.  He's one of those guys, like I said, with his speed, it's at a national level.  That's something that we really need here, and we're excited to get him on the field and see what he can do."

WR/ATH Gary Moore – "Right now we see him as a wideout.  He's a guy that can play

multiple positions, but tall, athletic, long, and really raw still.  I think when he gets here and gets into our system and around our coaches, I think the sky's the limit."

-        Still might sign another 1-2 players.

-        Could not talk about any transfers.

-        Still not satisfied with OL depth.  "Currently, it's not great.  There are some really good

players, but overall numbers, just sheer numbers aren't very good for what you want in the Big 12.  So that was definitely an area of concern, and I thought we did a great job addressing it and

getting some players coming to play right away."

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