Past and Present

Steve Strain shares his thoughts after seeing something remarkable on Monday.

I thought all the warm fuzzies were over for Lady Raider fans when the final buzzer sounded Sunday after the Lady Raiders knocked off Texas.


That was until Monday night after Coach Curry's radio show when I witnessed something that would give Lady Raider fans goosebumps. Sheryl Swoopes and Monique Smalls (both guests on the show earlier) were sitting together at the restaurant where we do the show watching basketball.


Two Lady Raider greats - one from the past and one present talking and watching hoops like long time friends.


Swoopes was partly on the show to talk about her 1993 team in town over the weekend and being honored for the 20-year anniversary of their great run to a championship.


Smalls was on the show partly to talk about what it meant to her and her teammates that the '93 team spent part of the weekend with them.


The timing of the weekend long celebration seemed to be just right.


The Lady Raiders can now spend several days getting ready for their next opponent Kansas on Sunday with a full week to prepare for that and digest the memories of their special weekend that also included sweeping the Longhorns.


And they talked of titles with the '93 team as we approach the stretch run toward the end of the regular season, and a post season with high expectations for the current squad as well.  


And thanks to people like Sheryl Swoopes, 20 years from now Monique Smalls might likely be even more willing to share what it means to represent the Double T.  Guns up!!!

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