Sweeping Away

Lady Raiders have now swept five Big 12 series aside and look to do so again on Saturday for the sixth time as they face Kansas State.

It's the best conference in the country - no questions asked.  And the Lady Raiders own at least half the teams in it.


Their 61-53 victory over Oklahoma State Wednesday not only puts the Lady Raiders over the 20-win plateau for the regular season, not only gives them 11 wins in league play, but also sent the team to the closet for the fifth time this season.  


And for those of you who keep your broom in the closet, you know what I'm talking about.  Yes, Tech has now swept 5 teams in the Big 12.  


That's half the teams in a conference even the most ignorant of voters (which apparently there are many since Tech is unranked) would agree is the best the women's game has to offer.


And this thought also crossed my mind after Wednesday's game:  If you take away the two Baylor losses (because they are beating everybody since we turned the calendar to 2013, and beating them badly), Tech has 5 losses overall and 3 conference losses - that's it.  


And in this conference, that's really, really good.


Their final regular season home game comes Monday night against Oklahoma.  


No chance for a sweep there as the Lady Raiders were knocked off in Norman in January.  But they can make it a 2-0 season against Kansas State and that one comes Saturday afternoon.  


Time to start packing for that trip now as we leave today.  So I'll be sure and pack a small broom before we go...

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