Special Seniors

Texas Tech radio play-by-play voice Steve Strain reflects on the Lady Raider seniors and what they have given to Tech in their time.

It was three seasons ago at the Tulane DoubleTree Classic in New Orleans.  The Lady Raider game was approaching the halftime buzzer and freshman Monique Smalls somehow had possession of the ball on her knees and from that position made a shot from right underneath the basket - just beating the clock.  

That's typical of "Mo", smallest player on the floor often times (especially on her knees), but who plays with more heart?  


That statement can be said about the entire senior class if you think about it.  


None of the 5 are within 2 inches of being six feet tall, but find a senior class of 5 that has laid it on the line like this group has - you will be hard pressed.  


Whether it's Smalls scoring from her knees, Christine Hyde flying through the lane for a rebound, Chynna Brown doing any number of things she does well, Mary Bokenkamp dialing in from long distance, or Casey Morris' silky smooth touch - this group has shown it all and given their all.


Monday's tribute to the 5 seniors was well done and a few tears were even shed, but hopefully the careers of this senior class are still far from over.  


That has yet to be determined.  


One thing that HAS been determined is this group of seniors is a special group of young ladies that I personally will miss a lot.  


And they're the kind of kids that should make you feel proud to be a Red Raider and walk tall - even when players are standing on their knees.....


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