Time to Regroup

Following a opening round loss to Oklahoma State, Steve Strain weighs in on the Lady Raiders current state.

After Saturday's disappointing loss to Oklahoma State in the Big 12 tournament, I asked assistant coach Kelly Curry if two weeks off was a good thing.  


His response (paraphrasing) was physically yes, but mentally no.


The team could obviously benefit from the time off from a stand point of rest, but riding now a three game losing streak he feels the team would benefit from getting out on the floor as quickly as possible, and not letting the bad taste of the losing streak sit too long.


While I would never pretend to know half as much as he does about the game, I do think the team could use some time to go back to the drawing board defensively.  


In all three losses there were very noticeable defensive breakdowns that contributed in a big way.  


Case in point, Kansas State's 12 three pointers in their win, Oklahoma scoring over 70 to knock off the Lady Raiders closing out the regular season, followed by the 28 points in the paint scored by Oklahoma State Saturday, representing nearly half their 59 scored overall to win by 5.


Regardless of whether it's a good thing or not, there's no changing it.  And there's still well over a week left until the tourney begins.  


Let's hope the team makes the most of it and gets this thing turned around, because the next loss will now be their last this season and that's nothing anyone around here is ready for any time soon!

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