Five Things to Accomplish in Spring Ball

With spring practice underway, Justin Laney lists off what he thinks needs to be accomplished here in the spring for Texas Tech football.


1.     Install the Offense and progress from there


Obviously, priority number one is to get the offense installed and see what Coach Kingsbury and his staff can instill in his team.


Kingsbury has been very vague about what he believes the offense is going to look like, but as he has said numerous times, he will adapt his system to the abilities of his players.


That's the major reason his offense was so successful at "that other school." Coach Kingsbury's goal, first and foremost, is to move the chains and that is something that many Texas Tech fans have to grown to expect over the years.


2.     Discipline


At a clip of 69 penalty yards per game, Texas Tech led the Big 12 last season in penalties, and in many cases, it cost the Red Raiders some opportunities late in the season.


Discipline issues are nothing new to Texas Tech fans. The Red Raiders had their fair of problems last decade and as a result, some games were lost. Penalties at the wrong time can cost your team that coveted momentum.


Discipline will be a key factor in the success of the 2013 campaign and players must keep their composure, as well as keep their heads on straight. This is an area in which I think Coach Kingsbury can demonstrate immediate improvement, but it all starts in spring practice.


3.     Strength and Conditioning Program


With the departure of many staff members to the University of Cincinnati, Texas Tech had to find a new strength and conditioning coach as Joe Walker moved up north with former head coach, Tommy Tuberville.


Just about every year, it seems injury problems arise for the Texas Tech football program. Many Tech fans may believe it is directly attributed to the strength and conditioning program, but the weekly Big 12 grind has a lot to do with it as well.


If you don't believe me, just ask the TCU Horned Frogs.


However, with Kingsbury hiring Chad Dennis, it appears the Red Raiders might have finally found their man. There are no guarantees that injuries won't suddenly come up once again for Texas Tech, but hopefully Coach Dennis can get these guys in the best shape possible to get them ready for the weekly Big 12 grind.





4.     Team Camaraderie


Spring ball is a great time for veteran players, incoming freshman and Junior College transfers to develop some sort of team bond as they prepare for the coming months of both team practice, as well as individual workouts during the summer months.


It's also crucial that new Quarterback Michael Brewer develops chemistry with his multiple wide receiving weapons throughout the spring and during the summer months.


If Brewer's play last season in his limited playing is a sign of what is to come in the coming years at the Quarterback position for Texas Tech, I don't think the fanbase will be disappointed.


Brewer has shown signs that he may very well develop into one of the top QBs in the Big 12 conference one day.


5.     Defense, Defense, Defense


Defense has been an obvious issue for Texas Tech in years past. With five defensive coordinators in five years, Tech fans hope that new DC Matt Wallerstedt will be the answer. Art Kauffman showed in 2012 that this team does have defensive talent, but you just have to put them in the right situations in which they can achieve success.


Wallerstedt was the Linebackers coach at "that other school" last season, but he has prior DC experience at places such as Air Force and Wyoming. I know many Red Raider fans will be interested to see what Coach Wallerstedt can bring to the table.


Stay tuned and you will all find your answer.

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