New Speed, New Sound

The Red Raiders took part in the first practice of the spring on Friday and there were a lot of new aspects to practice under the new head coach.

With any new coaching staff there will always be changes.

The playbook, the practice drills, weight training program and maybe even the uniforms.

The first noticeable change to Texas Tech football in the Kliff Kingsbury era thus far is some that can be seen, but the most noticeable is what can be heard.

Music rang out for a good distance coming from Tech's campus, the football practice field to be specific, but it wasn't a party or live concert, it was the soundtrack to the first official spring practice of the Kliff Kingsbury era.

"Coach (Kevin) Sumlin and I started that at the University of Houston," Kingsbury said about playing music. "Went 13-1 I think that year, worked last year so we're going to keep it going. You know the coaches enjoy it, kids enjoy it so it's just the whole monotity of a hot summer day, get some music and get people going."

While laughing and cracking a smile, Kingsbury went on to say right now he is controlling the playlist for the music, but there have been some requests for country music and will continue playing it unless the center gets some noise complaints.

The Red Raiders participated in almost a two and half-hour practice and after the final whistle blew the new head coach was pleased with what he saw.

"It was fun to get out here," Kingsbury said. "It was fun to see the enthusiasm and they flew around pretty good. A long way to go, but they seem excited and I thought the effort was decent."

During the practice the quarterbacks were getting reps with the offense including sophomore quarterback Michael Brewer.

Brewer for the past two seasons has played behind Seth Doege and learned under the system of former head coach Tommy Tuberville and offensive coordinator Neal Brown.

With all the changes during the offseason, there were a lot of new things for the Lake Travis native to pick up on in day one of practice.

"It's definitely different for everybody," Brewer said. "Being in a old system, for me two years being in the past system and then trying to erase that, erase all the habits from that one, from all the coaching we had last year and turning over to this new staff, it's difficult, it's day one. Thought we showed some really good signs out there, obviously there is a lot of room to improve it's going to be a day-to-day process learning everything and getting comfortable with it. But I thought it was a solid first day."

Not only was the offense getting worked on the first day, but equally the defensive unit.

With the offense running at a high speed it tested the defense and sophomore linebacker Branden Jackson.

Jackson who finished 2012 with 19 tackles, 17 of those solo, and one forced fumble said the offense had them going today and they haven't even opened up the offense at full speed yet.

"I thought we went fast last year when the coaches would run hurry up," he said. "This tempo was a lot different. I think the offense ran 50 plays at us in one period and 60 during individuals. That was the first thing I noticed.

"We're playing a lot faster."

Entering the spring Jackson is listed as a linebacker on the roster, which is different than in his freshman campaign.

Jackson said it was during the first meeting back from Christmas break where he found out that he would be playing linebacker to begin the spring.

"Playing linebacker, I think that's the biggest joy I had since signing with Tech," he said. "That's just always where my heart's been, I always feel like I could do something more if I played out there. Now that they're giving me that opportunity, I'm just ready to prove myself."

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