Bonus Scrimmage Tidbits

Joe Yeager offers some bonus information from the scrimmage under the Friday night lights.

Terrific Turnout: I was blown clean away by the attendance at last night's scrimmage. I'd put the number at just over 20,000, which is considerably larger than any crowd I've seen at a Red-Black Game since 1979, which is when I began attending them. Obviously, Kingsbury mania was a big part of the attendance, and if the crowd for the scrimmage is any indication, Tech just might sell out every game this season. But playing the game in the cool of the evening under the lights was also part of the attraction. Whoever decided to schedule the scrimmage at night may just have stumbled onto something good, and I wouldn't be surprised to see future Red-Black games also played under the lights.


Communication Breakdown: There was lots of short-circuiting in the passing game. Quarterbacks and receivers were frequently on different pages. Receivers ran one route and quarterbacks proceeded to chuck the ball to a lonesome patch of turf.


No surprise, really. Young quarterbacks, spring camp, and scarcely a receiver who will start next season.


Speaking of which, the Red Raider receiving corps that will take the field against SMU will hardly resemble the one we've seen in the first two scrimmages. Obviously, Jace Amaro and Jakeem Grant will bulk large in the real passing game. But with Eric Ward, Bradley Marquez and Javon Bell not in the mix, the current aerial attack is a faint facsimile of what we'll see in the fall.


Blitzers Break Through: The defense blitzed frequently in the Midland scrimmage, but scarcely scratched against the quarterbacks. That all changed in last night's outing. A continuous barrage of linebacker blitzes, both inside and out, paid dividends for the defense, as Sam Eguavoen and Will Smith in particular often got there. With Tech's depleted offensive line rotation, you'd be a bit concerned if the defense wasn't getting some pressure, to be honest.


White Just Right: With first Kenny Williams and now DeAndre Washington sitting out scrimmages for precautionary reasons, redshirt freshman Quinton White has gotten ample opportunity to show his stuff. And the freshman from College Station has sho' ‘nuff responded.


He was certainly Tech's most impressive back in last night's scrimmage. White is built along the same lines as SaDale Foster and DeAndre Washington (small, in other words), but he may be the quickest and shiftiest of the bunch. When White gets to the second level of the defense, his change of direction is electrifying and lethal. He also showed some toughness, picking up Sam Eguavoen on a blitz.


Now with a stable featuring Kenny Williams, Washington, and Foster, actual reps will be at a premium, but frankly, Quinton White looks too good not to see the field in the fall.


Shades o‘ Winder: Back in the late 80s, when James Gray was Tech's featured back and Dick Winder was calling the offensive shots, the Red Raiders often sent Gray on a wheel route deep down the sideline to good effect. It was back to the future last night, as Kliff Kingsbury called Kenny Williams' and SaDale Foster's number on this golden oldie. Alas, the DBs blanketed both attempts.

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