Mailbag: Spring Premier

You asked some questions and the staff answered them.

Q: Is Brewer way ahead of all other QB candidates on the team?


A: (Koch) I believe right now from what I have seen, Davis Webb is probably just a little ahead of Brewer. Webb is the freshman that was a part of the Elite 11 and is highly touted coming in. But at the same time Brewer beat Webb twice in High School for state titles. So the two know each other very well. I think each quarterback brings their own set of skills to the table. Brewer is a little smaller and able to run out of the pocket and gain some good yards. Webb is good about sitting back in the pocket and throwing a laser down the field. Webb can step up in the pocket and throw as well. 

Kingsbury wants to have it down to two QBs by the summer time and I would not be surprised if it is Webb and Brewer, but what order they sit on the depth chart will be interesting.


A: (Fitzgerald) We'll know more (at Midland Scrimmage), but it would take a monumental performance through the rest of the spring and summer to unseat him. IMO, the more interesting battle will be for backup. Kliff spoke really highly of Webb, but I couldn't see him burning a year of eligibility (aside from injury) if there was a comparable backup. Davis does have a great arm, really looking forward to watching him. I'll also be interested in seeing what Nicholas looks like in the new offense. Could be a servicable backup. He's got more speed than Castilla and a better arm than Walton from what I remember. 


Q: A lot of speculators out there think the offense is going to be all in the air. But I get the feeling we will run the ball more than people think. Can you give us your opinion on how much we'll run the ball?


A: (Koch) I think it could be 60/40 or 70/30 in favor of the passing game. What you have to remember is that the Red Raiders return a solid core of running backs. 

You get back Kenny Williams, who led Tech in rushing with 859 yards and a handful of touchdowns including the "i'm a man" touchdown against Texas State that made everyone in the press box just go wow. I think Williams could legitimately be a 1,000 yard runner this year. 

You also get DeAndre Washington back from injury which is good and Quinton White, who broke his foot last season is back. Also you have SaDale Foster that can be put in the backfield as well.

So there are 3-5 good running backs to rotate in there. Williams is definitely going to be utilized down at the goal line because of his size and strength. Don't get me wrong, he will be used in the open field as well, but i think that's where Washington and White are going to have fun. 

The running back core is going to solid this season as long as they stay healthy. Also the running backs could start in the backfield and shift out into a wide receiver slot and go out for a pass, or screen pass, or come back for a reverse. It could be a very exciting group to watch in the backfield this season.


A: (Fitzgerald) The most depth we have right now is at RB. I think the run game is going to be a big part of what they do. Washington is the game breaker, Williams is the power back, Foster will be the one that lines up all over the place. And I think Middleton will be the one who contributes the most when he gets here. Speed. Also, (and I want to be on record before the first scrimmage) Brewer is going to run the ball a significant amount. Manziel led the team in rushing last year for A&M and had close to 2X the amount of yards on the ground than Christine Michael. He may not lead the team in rushing, but I would think 500 yards is a reasonable expectation.


Q: Defensively other than Hyder and Dartwan, who seems to be emerging as an effective pass rusher or rushers?


A: (Fitzgerald) The "Bandit" OLB is the pass rusher. He's the DE in the 4 man front and the OLB in the 3 man front, will play on the short side of the field rather than a particular side of the formation. First guy up is Brandon Jackson, behind him is Pete Robertson. If they don't get the job done, then maybe they give Jacarthy Mack, Malik Jenkins, or Zach Barnes a chance to win the job in the fall. 


Q: What are the chances than Javon Bell plays this season? I know he's not practicing


A: (Koch) I think Javon Bell will play this season. Just because he is not practicing right now doesn't mean he is off the team. He will be behind the curve a little but not out of it. I would expect him to be worked back into the offense at some point. 


A: (Fitzgerald) I'm not saying Bell won't play, but track record for any kid who "concentrates on academics" for an entire spring isn't good. See McRoys for most recent example. 

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