Red-Black Dinks and Dunks

Joe Yeager breaks down more of the Spring Game from Saturday.

Wesley Performs: Nose guard Dennell Wesley showed some chops. I really liked his ability to shed blocks, and he really hustled down the line and tracked plays from behind. Branden Jackson, incidentally, demonstrated these same traits.


Porter Still Gun-shy? Tre' Porter wore the non-contact jersey throughout the spring, although I don't know what purpose it really served given that he seemed to be in the melee just as much as any other player. Still, one play in the scrimmage made me wonder if he's still not quite all the way back mentally. It was a dump-off pass to Kenny Williams. Porter had a square shot at Williams in the open field but dove at Williams' feet and missed. That was the sort of effort we used to see out of Joselio Hansen, not Tre' Porter.


The Ultimate Mismatch: I had to chuckle once during the scrimmage, and it wasn't because Steve Pitts favored me with one of his famous John Harris impersonations. No, it was because six-foot-five 255-pound Jace Amaro caught a pass in the flat and five-foot-seven 170-pound Bruce Jones was confronted with having to tackle him. But give the little corner credit—he slammed into the towering tight end and managed to get him to the ground.


Brewer Better Buy Davis a Brew: Jordan Davis ran a little drag route and Michael Brewer hit him with a perfect pass that, unfortunately, led him smack dab into a big hit by Brandon Bagley. Davis, his bones well rattled, staggered to the sideline. If you're a quarterback, you don't do that to your receiver for a two-yard gain.


Keen on Keenon: Redshirt freshman Keenon Ward may have had the play of the day for the defense. On 4th-and-one, down inside the 10-yard line, burly Kenny Williams got the call straight up the gut. Ward flew into the hole and dropped Williams for no gain with a form tackle. If Ward, who checks in at five-foot-nine and 190 pounds, can support the run like that on a regular basis, he will play a lot because he definitely has the speed to do good things against the pass.


Conundrum: Pete Robertson bull-rushed and then separated from Le'Raven Clark, getting a sack on Davis Webb out of the deal. Should we be pleased that Robertson showed some much needed pass rushing ability or concerned that the new left tackle who is being counted on to anchor the offensive line, got beat?


Scoring System Was Good: It's not easy coming up with a scoring system that accurately gives credit to the defense and reflects their success or failure against the offense. That being the case, kudos to whoever came up with the system for the Red-Black Scrimmage. The Defense's 28-7 halftime lead over the Offense perfectly reflected the Defense's dominance at that time.


Corker Coming On: It's probably a good thing that Shawn Corker has been moved from safety back to receiver, his natural position. He really showed some things in the scrimmage, especially the ability to get deep on the cornerbacks. Corker also is playing with great effort, diving for balls even when he doesn't have much hope for making the grab.

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