True Heroes

A 4th of July tribute to all of the men and women in the armed services.

We call them heroes.

We call them role models.

We call them fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, friends and family.

Now if you think this is about a sports superstar, you're wrong.

These men and women wear a uniform every single day but it does not say Texas Tech, Texas or Oklahoma on the front of it.

It says Army, Navy, Air Force, United States Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Guard, Police, Fire and EMS.

They do not take the field once a week or every other day, it is an every day job across the world. They are miles away, which can sometimes feel like a world away from their loved ones.

As we sit here on this Independence Day, don't call a baseball player that hits the game-winning homerun or the basketball player that hits the buzzer beater a hero.

They are not true heroes; the true heroes are the men and women of the armed services, who put their lives on the line every single day so that we can enjoy our freedoms here at home.

The true heroes are the men and women that put on police, firefighter and EMS uniforms everyday as they go out and help people stay safe and in times of distress.

So today take time to thank these folks, because they don't get thanked enough for everything they do.

So simply put, thank you. Thank you for doing your job everyday to protect the freedoms that we enjoy every single day.

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