Why Fans Should Be Excited for 2013: Stadium

With the season starting to inch closer and closer, Joshua Koch starts his series of the five reasons to be excited for 2013.

In this series I will explain five reasons why Texas Tech fans should be excited for the upcoming season.  Of course there are more reasons than that to be excited about the 2013 campaign, but here is one of the five.


First I start with the most noticeable upgrade and it's a visual one that has needed to come for the past few years - the scoreboard. 


It is not news to anyone that had attended a game at Jones AT&T Stadium in the last few seasons that the expansion of the stadium with the addition of the east side and the extra seating added that the stadium outgrew the scoreboard. 


The smaller scoreboard looked like it was too small for the stadium and the sound system was another problem all in itself. But now that is being fixed. 


When it was announced that the Jones would be getting a monster scoreboard and brand new sound system there was a sense of excitement but more one of relief that overcame me. 


Finally we would have a scoreboard and sound system that would fit the stadium and add to the already fantastic game day atmosphere that the Jones possesses. 


I won't get technical with everything that the scoreboard will bring but simply state that it will be big, bright and loud. Something fans haven't ever had. 


I have had the privilege to travel to a few different stadiums while covering the Red Raiders and visually this will be the one of the best in the Big 12. 


Yes having video on a huge screen and a brand new sound system will be nice but what I am most excited about is the visual appearance of the board. 


It's just not a huge video board like the one in Austin at the home of the Longhorns, but rather it has some character and West Texas attributes to it. 


The large Texas Tech lettering with the huge bright red Double T in the middle that already graces the top of the scoreboard inside the stadium and the identical one that will grace the outside of the stadium is what I am excited about. 


It really adds a lot to the stadium and it will be another feature of the stadium to show off to visitors and alumni alike that return to Lubbock for a Red Raider football game. 


It's the old saying of "Keeping up with the Jones" and with the upgrades to Jones, Texas Tech has definitely done that with a much-needed improvement to the stadium.


Not only will the play on the field be exciting in 2013, but also seeing the new scoreboard and experiencing the new sound system will add to what will be a buzzing environment in Lubbock this next season.


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