Big 12 Media Days: Observations

Scott Fitzgerald gives his observations from day one of Big 12 Media Days in Dallas.

Day one of Big 12 Media Days is in the books.

Here are a few observations both typical and atypical on this Monday morning.

Bob Bowlsby

Bob Bowlsby is very corporate. He reminds me of the Farmer's Insurance spokesman. The Big 12 is in good hands with him and he is practical about where the conference sits in the pecking order of college football.

Bowlsby's most interesting comments were about how college athletics may need to be separated out by sport, so that "field hockey isn't governed the same as football." Maybe this is step 1 of college football being its own entity, as well as other college sports.

Bowlsby also said that each player in the conference, as well as the Pac 12 and SEC would be outfitted with a microchip in his shoulder pads. He said it's to measure some of the game speeds and force of the game (IE Concussions). I wonder if it's also to see if there's a way to diagram or scout on film, etc. This could be really interesting.

The new logo for the Big 12 conference consists of redoing the font, changing the color and moving the words "Big 12 Conference" to the bottom. I'm sure our lives are forever affected.

Mike Gundy

-Gundy said he has largely been out of the play calling for his offense the last several seasons and will again not call plays this season for Oklahoma State. "It's been a number of years since I've really been involved in play calling." Also, Oklahoma State doesn't change its offense. In the age of a revolving door of coordinators and assistant coaches, they keep the terminology the same and make the coach adjust, not the players.

-On being picked to win the conference: It's a tribute to the players that have been in the program before. We'll mention to our players to be very vanilla and they still have a lot of work ahead of them.

Bill Snyder

Coach Snyder was much happier this year than last year. I suppose winning the trophy will do that.

His first job in coaching: It was in Gallatin, Missouri. This was a high school position.  I was an assistant football coach and assistant basketball coach and assistant women's basketball coach, assistant track coach, drove the school bus, taught four units of Spanish, which I knew nothing about, and I made $6,000 a year. And I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, in all honesty, because I'd never had a paycheck worth very much prior to that. 

Snyder is replacing 9 starters on defense, but that also affects special teams : And When you lose as many as we did on defense as well, that can have an impact on your special teams because so many of your defensive players play on special teams.  We've been fortunate to have pretty good special teams units. We were - a combination of all, they ranked us No. 1 at the end of the season in special teams last year, but an awful lot of the personnel on those units, those six units, were defensive players as well. So it will certainly alter things. 

Gary Patterson

Patterson kept his cool while answering question after question about Casey Pachall. While no one officially representing TCU would say it, several of the TCU media believe that Pachall will be the starting QB this fall and that it's not up for much debate.

On year 2 in the Big 12: I think it takes 2 years to be able to get things through all of that (the travel) and understanding that you try not to make any mistakes as far as admimistration.

Charlie Weis

Weis owned the room. He was funny, engaging & brutally honest. And he didn't mention Notre Dame by name, but when he was there, he must have read up on Lou Holtz's "We're horrible" MO, because he played the underdog perfectly.

On his recruiting pitch: We have the facilities, we have a great education, and we'll have the stadium improvements done soon. Kids want to play. I can turn to a kid and say, "Have you seen that pile of crap?" If you can't play here, where do you think you can play?

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