Ten is Just Right

Big 12 Conference Commissioner Bob Bowlsby addressed the media on day one of Big 12 Media Days and compared last year to this year at this time.

It was only a year ago that Bob Bowlsby was taking the podium as the brand new commissioner of the Big 12 Conference.

Now in 2013, Bowlsby has been through a full athletic and academic year as the leader of the Big 12 and stability in the conference is starting to settle in, which the commission enjoys.

"Interestingly enough, last year at this time, I was the brand-new commissioner, and we were just coming off two or three years of fairly tumultuous times," Bowlsby said. "We were working very hard to sell the message of strength and stability and success. I think probably there were some question marks after those three items."

"This year I think we can look back and say we've got exclamation marks after those three items," Bowlsby said. "I think it's been a very productive year for us, and it has been a year that has yielded, I think, a growing measure of trust among all of our member institutions. It really feels like we're beginning to settle down a little bit."

There have been some questions of if the Big 12 would ever get back to actually 12 members.

It is kind of interesting that the Big 10 Conference has 12 teams in its league and the Big 12 has only 10.

Some have wanted the conference to go out and get two more schools to buy into the conference and get it back to 12, which would also allow there to be a conference championship game.

The Big 12 has not had a conference championship game since 2010, when Oklahoma defeated Nebraska 23-20 in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

But getting back to 12 teams does not seem to be an immediate item on the agenda of Commissioner Bowlsby as he said on Monday morning that there are a lot of advantages to having just 10 teams.

"Among those advantages are the strength of playing three nonconference games instead of four and having a full conference round-robin," Bowlsby said. "I think it keeps rivalries strong. I think it keeps our multimedia packages strong to have good competition every day, every Saturday."

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